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Ben Affleck, the Batman of four films: Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League (the Whedon reversion) and "Zack Snyder's Justice League" - coming out in 2021.

Batman Affleck

Art by EEW138

Speculations about the Hollywood star who suited up as Batman in approx 4 films

Will Affleck be turning his hand back to his incomplete Batman script, and doing a Batman V Deathstroke movie?

Maybe, claims MSN News

And, Cinemablend asks "will the cinematic DCU allow for two different Batmans?"


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With Snyder's Justice League cut coming, Affleck is back in the batsuit

And this raises questions at Cheatsheet

...To be fair, Affleck’s version of Batman was not that bad. But the actor’s legacy was hurt by a series of bad movies that were not entirely his fault. This started with his first appearance as the Caped Crusader was in the 2016 film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"Not that bad" isn't (wasn't) the issue. Batman V Superman was an intelligent film that took on a lot more than what the usual superhero film tries to reach for (why wasn't it better appreciated? Was it because of the barrage of critical reaction that wanted a DC-version of Marvel, and not getting it, yelled 'foul'?) There was little wrong with the cast, but with how the cast was moved through the story and how dialogue was distributed (what little there was of it). Affleck (like Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill) were fine, but caged inside the plot. Hopefully, Snyder's new cut will straighten out a lot of this (the Cheatsheet piece by Perry Carpenter says that "giving each character additional time on-screen, which should add more depth to the storyline. Fans might even get to see more of the film’s main villain, Steppenwolf, as well as Darkseid actually making an appearance.") Perhaps Snyder can rehabilitate Steppenwolf, who was a thin, over bombastic villain in the worst traditions of comic book boasting badness, and one of the specific negatives in the film (a quite similar problem ultimately messed up the character Apocalpse, marring the otherwise fine superhero film X-Men Apocalypse.) No amount of expensive, gorgeous CGI can overcome the sheer repetitive blandness of a mediocre villain.

The coming lead up to Snyder's Justice League cut is going to put pressure on a lot of culture critics to heap new disdain on the former releases and to paint Snyder into a corner in which he'll have to take a new approach to get anything approaching a fair shake. I have no hope critics will rethink their former positions, many of which (in my thinking) were often critics reinforcing each others biases, not actually evaluating the Snyder film merits.

I'm making this defense of Snyder's ability not out of fannish affection. I have no real use for Watchmen, which did pretty well in the hearts of film critics. 300 was a huge upgrade on what was essentially an old fashioned sword-and-sandal movie (just as its progenitor truly was, the 1962 The 300 Spartans) but I can't claim it is a great film except within the confines of its genre (where it is pretty spectacular. But thats not saying a lot considering the competition).

Batman V Superman surprised me in two ways: it was smart (smarter than the usual superhero film) and it lacked dialogue, as if someone traded off spoken words in exchange for some other advantage, but in the end, bet the wrong way on an otherwise really good hand. That doesn't change that they held a really good hand, though.

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