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Batman Family

Influential 1970's series featuring the whole roster of Batman-related characters.

Batman Family ran for twenty issues in the 1970s and featured original lead stories teaming Batgirl and Robin, but backed up by reprints from older Batman-related books. It was eventually outselling Detective Comics, which had a hard time staying afloat during the 1970s with low sales and frequent possible cancellations dangling over its head. When an actual order came down to quit publication on Detective, a compromise was enacted that merged the better-selling Batman Family with DC's old flagship book (After all, DC Comics is called "Dee See" because of Detective Comics) and this effectively created a hybrid comic featuring Batman and Batman Family material. (Eventually Detective shed the Batman Family infusion.)

Batman Family Jokers Daughter SPlash Page 1976

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Among the hardcore Batman fans who eschewed distractions like Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, Bat-Dog, etc., Batman Family was a bit of an abomination, containing storylines that veered toward the emotional inter-relational tales that were coming out of Marvel Comics and other books that had more soap opera to fill out the background of the action.

The irony is that the under-selling Detective Comics featured the kind of obsessive solo-Batman tales that Frank Miller would heavily refurbish into Dark Knight Returns.

The Batman Family storylines are arguably an early template for the 21st century Batman comics, personality-based tales with a growing roster of cast members that complicate Bruce Wayne's life and his single minded war on crime.


Bat Family by Tom Feister - Craig Rousseau

Art by Tom Feisterand Craig Rousseau

Batman Family #13, 1977

Batman Family 13 Cover art by Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo cover art.

Batman Bunch

Selection of Batman Family Covers

Batman Family Cover 1Batman Family Cover 2Batman Family Cover 3Batman Family Cover 4Batman Family Cover 5Batman Family Cover 6Batman Family Cover 8Batman Family Cover 14

Jokers Daughter - Batman Family
Batman Family with Huntress

Batgirl Wrecking Ball

Batman Family #5 - Curt Swan art

More Batman Family #5

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Cover art Batman Family 5 - Ernie CHau

Splash page by Curt Swan - Batgirl and Robin

Batgirl - Batman Family number 6 1976 - Jose Delbo art - vince colletta

More Batman Family #6

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