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Theatre of Superhero Mockery

Defective Comics #1000

Defective Comics #1000

Art by Kudzu, colors by Zombie President

Hey New Gloves
Catzwoman and Batzman in the cave

Origin Story

Spider-Man Origin who is the daddy

SOON Mewowoman by Archibald
Bat Date like Superman
the Incredible Flush

Superhero Artist

Cat Spider Date
Bat Guano and the batzmobile
Huge Wonderperson by McCave

Art by McCave, Colors by Zombie President

Superman and Batman

Art by Kudzu

Rejected reboot redesigns

Rejected Redesigns

Wonder Woman Cosplay

Art by Elmore, inks by McCave, colors by Zombie President

Dork Phoenix

Dork Phoenix

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Comic Book the dilemma

Original Page May 2019 | Updated Oct 2019

Regrettable Heroes

The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History