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One-Punch Man Artist Yusuke Murata makes Naruto TributeComicbook

How Marvel is better than the other companiesCBR MSN

US Mint to coin DC superhero coins – inviting public to vote on selectionNumismatic News

Treasury Dept page on the superhero coins they're going to be making.


Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Shawn Levy interview to promote ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ Variety

Given that they’re here to sell a raunchy, boundary-pushing sequel to the most profane superhero franchise in history, it’s not surprising that many of the jokes are NSFW. Take the moment when 47-year-old Reynolds, who stars in the film with Jackman, stands on a chair for a photo with his crotch hovering over writer-director Levy’s head..."

Arkham Asylum spinoff TV show cancelledT3 Yahoo Entertainment

Comic-Con variants from BRZRKR StudiosIGN MSN

Hollywood + Green Lantern + forty years = failureDexerto

Is the anime bubble going to burst?

Story at Boundingintocomics

DC coming with the "Absolute Universe" featuring new versions of DC characters with new origin stories and changed looksComicsbeat

"The global comic book market size is estimated to grow by USD 3.25 billion from 2024-2028, according to Technavio" Goodereader

The 20 best selling comic books "of all time"Screenrant MSN

As impressive as some of the numbers reported are (for example Batman #50 from 2018 - 412,541 Copies Sold) these numbers don't compare to the millions of copies that Superman and other titles could move monthly in the prime peak years of of comic book popularity during the 1940s going into the 1950s.

Special Absolute Batman for San Diego Comic-Con Bleedingcool

Marvel Comics No.1 sells for $2.4 millionComicbookmovie

Comic book stores in Colorado see sales drop

Video report at Yahoo News

Spider-Man Super Sled

Re-inventing the origin of The Shadow Denofgeek

Weaponizing Alfred for the new Bruce Timm Batman the Caped Crusader animated shortsComicbookmovie

Interview with Mad Cave Studios publisher Mark LondonComicsbeat

"Bizarro" plot twist for Superman movie?

Story at Boundingintocomics

Avengers Band Aids with Vision and Black Widow

July 2024

Avengers Band Aids with Hawkeye and Dr Strange

Dark Horse is going to republish MegaGhost

Story at Comicsbeat

Dark Horse have announced that Gabe Soria and Gideon Kendall’s Albatross Funnybooks imprint title MegaGhost is to get a rerelease in January 2025. The new edition will feature all five issues of the original series, behind the scenes extras, plus the never-before-collected holiday special MegaGhost of Christmas. It will also receive a new introduction and cover...."

The animated film Inside Out 2 sets record for fastest grosses and is 2024's first billion-dollar-earner film

Story at Geekculture

Charting the history of Batman from Detective Comics #27 to todayScreenrant

Marvel Comics brings back Disco era with Dazzler reboot Marvel Comics page on the new series and Gamesradar has the variant covers.

Batman The Caped Crusader promo trailer for new series

The 10 episode series is executive produced by Bruce Timm, J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves. It was originally in development for HBO Max but Amazon Prime took it over for an August 1, 2024 start.

Webtoon declares its value at $2.7 billionBleedingcool

The world's biggest publisher of comics, Webtoon, is trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange today, setting a market value of $2.67 billion..."

"Creature Commando" characters to be put into TV and feature film projects

Story at Boundingintocomics

I take it this is an effort to boost the profile awareness of what are probably obscure characters from out of DC's old Weird War Tales books, though the mythologically-derived characters (Frankenstein) in the Commandos is already well known, of course, and all of this is because James Gunn has bigger plans for them later..

Manga is getting bigger: Blackstone Investment Group spends $1.7 Billion to back new online manga effortComicbook

Cosmic Lion comics makes deal with Diamond Comics DistributorsComicsbeat

"Local Comic Shop Day" moving to the last Saturday in September

Story at Bleedingcool

Spider-Man Campbells Spaghettios

Francesco Mattina gets cut from DC variant covers for using AIGizmodo

The new Marvel Uncle Scrooge from an alternative universe?

Story at Comicbook

Duckburg's resident capitalist has plundered the planet and hoarded every trinket and treasure from Dismal Downs to the gold mines of Dawson City, but there's a hole that not even three-and-a-half cubic acres of cold, hard cash can fill. Inside his massive money bin is a relic he took from the sorceress Magica De Spell: the Mirror of Worlds, which opens a portal to another version of Uncle Scrooge with his own precious Number One Dime. "Why settle for being the richest duck in the world," he says, yanking it from alt-Scrooge's clutches, "when I could be the richest duck on ALL the worlds!!!" As it turns out, this Uncle Scrooge is from an alternate universe that branches off from the money-diving duck's debut appearance in 1947's "Donald Duck's Christmas on Bear Mountain."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Walmart Mug June 2024

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Walmart Mug June 2024

The Brave and the Bold movie Cinemablend

DC fans are starving… despite the fact that they are getting a steady stream of quality entertainment, and have for years..."


One of the announced projects that’s getting an inordinate amount of attention is The Brave and the Bold, a Batman project in the DCU that will explore (for the first time in live action) Bruce Wayne’s relationship with his son, Damian Wayne. Damian’s a maniacal little assassin, having been raised by the League of Shadows, so his dynamic with Batman will be interesting. Since the earliest days, The Flash director Andy Muschietti has been attached to The Brave and the Bold..."

Hopefully, they can dig up the spirit of the old DC Brave and the Bold which was a unique team-up book with a good number of well done stories. Damian wasn't in the picture for those old issues so having that be the "team-up" aspect of this film is not necessarily alarming but it doesn't exactly fit in with what worked in the book in the past. And having any connection to the bloated mess of The Flash (which had good parts to it, but also was marred with the heavy hand of post-production meddling) isn't an affirming detail.

Step-by-step how to make comics using AITomsguide

GlobalComix popularity algorithm for comics

Story at Comicsbeat

September Marvel Comics Book listComicsbeat

Time-travelling Bride of Frankenstein movie that won't be made

Story at Gizmodo

Among the various plans there were for the Dark Universe was a remake of Bride of Frankenstein starring Angelina Jolie as the titular bride and Javier Bardem as her husband, with a planned release for Valentines Day 2019...."

James Gunn shoots down The Brave and the Bold rumours

Story at Clutchpoints MSN

Superman Movie filming starts, will shut down parts of

In February.... the Ohio Department of Development awarded an $11 million motion tax credit to a project called "Genesis." and The Plain Dealer later confirmed that "Genesis" was the codename for DC’s Superman reboot...."

What is significant about the link between Cleveland and Superman?

First of all, Superman's creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, were both from Cleveland and they created Superman in Cleveland in 1933. They were high school students at Glenville High School when they originated the character.

The Siegel and Shuster Society, along with various landmarks and events, celebrates the creators and their famous superhero in Cleveland.

Meanwhile above the city

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