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Last Update: October 19, 2020

The Batman production photos - comicbook

Superman and Wonder Woman costumed actors on The Batman set - Movieweb

Static Shock movie coming - AV Club

Huh? Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield for multiple Spider-Man movies?

Maybe Spider-Man 3 isn't just a number, but a trilogy plan.

And then there were three story at Koimoi

Breaking: Superman can beat up Thanos but not The Phoenix Force

There's nothing that Superman could do against the Living Tribunal. He couldn't think his way through the fight. The Living Tribunal is so above him that it's not even funny and wouldn't even need to fight him - he could wink Superman out of existence if he so chose."

Analysis: The five Marvel Cosmic Beings Superman can beat and the five he'd lose to - Story at CBR

Punisher art expected to fetch millions

Frank Castle is moving into the million-dollar club with his premiere comic book art

Story at Comicbook

Must be Halloween

Wonder Woman toy shieldBoys Batman Suit

Multi-Spidermen rumours sort've confronted by Sony

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. Story at Cinemablend

The Batman movie updates

The Batman filming happening in Chicago - Yahoo News

New set photos show Bats up in Liverpool Tower - Movieweb

The Batman now filming "stateside" - Cinemablend

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and who is and who isn't Batman now - Yahoo

The January 2021 DC Covers solicitations - at Gamesradar

The Bat-Duck is for sale

The six-wheeled Penguin vehice from Batman Returns is available - article at MSN News

Comic company Terrific Productions scandal story

Article at Gizmodo Australia

Wonder Woman and Batman getting audio adventures

Details at Variety

Disney changes focus to streaming, and Warner is doing layoffs

Reality is catching up with Hollywood: Disney no longer emphasizing billion dollar blockbuster superhero movies for income, and on top of that problem, their theme parks are either shut down or operating with a miniscule of patronage. Story at comicbook and at CNBC

For more context, see this article at KCRW (and note what photo they choose to illustrate the story) which talks about the waves of layoffs in the entertainment world as pandemic restrictions keeps deep-sixing movie theaters.

The Batman movie set pix

Gossip about production of The Batman imploding has produced the release of photo proof that the production is still a reality. Penguin! Bruce Wayne! Selina Kyle! Images at E! Online

Artist Ryan Ottley leaves Spider-Man

Story at Gamesradar

Gal Gadot Cleopatra

This artwork actually has nothing to do with the coming movie

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are doing a Cleopatra movie

Story at Yahoo News and at Deadline Hollywood

Writer Alejandro Jodorowsky talks about Moebius and The Incal

Incal Style

Not actual Incal Art

The comic book story from Heavy Metal (original version in France's Metal Hurlant) in the early 1980s featuring Moebius' sci-fi art. Story at Hollywood Reporter

Spider-Man 3 may feature Vincent D'Onofrio back as Kingpin

Story at Movieweb

Kirby Exhibit, France

DC Comics collections getting rescheduled to 2021

Story at Bleeding Cool

Bat-Gossip: Pattinson "fights the director" and refuses to do his pushups - story at (Its in Greek, but many browsers have translators, or you can go use google translator)

Ambitious Luchador project: 'La Mano del Destino'

Early in the process, he realized that printing single issues of “La Mano del Destino” in both English and Spanish would double the cost of producing them. So he wrote the story in English while “always knowing that I want to do the Spanish-language version when I turn it into a paperback.”

Article about the artist and writer J. Gonzo at Detroit Free Press

The Kickstarter page

Hulk-Ruffalo to exit?

Could get "thrown out" says actor - or says Comic Book .com

Alan Moore Interview

Superhero movies are a "blight" and he wants no connection to comic books - or so interview has it at Deadline Hollywood

I’m not so interested in comics anymore, I don’t want anything to do with them. I had been doing comics for 40-something years when I finally retired. When I entered the comics industry, the big attraction was that this was a medium that was vulgar, it had been created to entertain working class people, particularly children. The way that the industry has changed, it’s ‘graphic novels’ now, it’s entirely priced for an audience of middle class people. I have nothing against middle class people but it wasn’t meant to be a medium for middle aged hobbyists.

Moore voices an analysis on the current health of the industry, and what he says isn't positive: pre-Covid, the industry was in jeopardy, but getting the business out of Covid alive may never happen. This isn't too far removed from other voices who have said there are serious infrastructure problems to the business of selling comic books.

DC Gossip around the internet:

Wonder Woman 1984 is going to go to streaming, and Pattinson is going to either quit the Batman role or The Batman production will shutdown, one or the other will happen first, and soon.


'I used to be excited whenever Hollywood or TV was going to make an adaptation of my favorite books and comic books. Now I'm afraid.'

A comment on the side-scroll at Nerdrotic Live at You Tube