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Last Update: December 3, 2021

First time Abilene Comic Con beginsYahoo News

Disney's Hawkeye is bringing back the subject of how Marvel creators are compensated

Creator compensation at the "big two" comic publishers of Marvel and DC have come under scrutiny this year after stories from The Hollywood Reporter and Guardian. The stories highlighted some creators' criticism of work-for-hire contracts that give no ownership to the comic creator. Some creators sign more lucrative deals than others, but they never own any new characters they create or storylines they introduce. That dynamic is why some of the industry's top creators have signed deals with digital publications like the newsletter company Substack and the Amazon-owned digital-comics service Comixology, where they have ownership of what they create.

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The Singapore Comicon

The virtual version of the Singapore Comic Con runs from Dec. 3, 2021 to Jan. 2, 2022 with "a full program of activities."

Guests include Lee Bermejo, Martin Simmonds, Werther Dell'Edera, many more in other weeks.

The Singapore Comicon web site

Their program guide

Would you like to own Dark Horse Comics?Comicbook

Spider-Man turns 60 years old

Spider-Man is turning 60 years old

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One Punch Man manga hits 25 million copy sales

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"Hawkeye feels out of place in the MCU"Forbes

Spider-Man: No Way Home makes record with advance ticket salesYahoo News

Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, and Vera Farmiga talk about HawkeyeHarper's Bazaar Singapore

Mel Brooks, 95, working on a book and is still "riffing" – Columbian

Mike Mignola leaves "semi-retirement" Forbes

Illustrator Of Dog Man series is doing a graphic novel Business Insider

The filming of the Batgirl TV Movie has begunCBR

Danny DeVito would like to be Penguin againComic Book

Disney outspending everybody to win streaming warsNext TV

Cosplay Gallery from San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition – lots of photos of people in wrinkly superhero suits at Bleedingcool

Bruce Campbell shall not be playing Ash in futureBounding into Comics

Joe Giella turns 93 -Brooklyn News

He later spent much of his career with DC Comics. In the 1960s, Giella helped with the Batman syndicated comic strip series and later drew the Mary Worth newspaper strips for over 35 years. "That was the pinnacle, that was it," Giella says. "Wow. Work for DC. The only thing better than that was a syndicated strip." The East Meadow resident retired in 2019 but came back to the drawing board to work on commissioned pieces. "At my age 93, I feel that I haven't done my best work yet," Giella says. "That's the truth."

Question: Is Joe Giella the oldest pro in the business?

You can now buy props from the Punisher TV showMarvel

Hawkeye initial ratings miss the target

Hawkeyed and DisneyedDisney+ Hawkeye ratings are apparently pretty poor for a Marvel showComicbook

In comparison to Marvel's Loki—the most recent live-action show outside of Hawkeye from Marvel Studios—that means roughly one million fewer watchers tuned into Hawkeye during its first week on Disney+.

Dennis the Menace turns 70 – MSN MONEY

Universal is making a new Dracula movie titled "Renfield" and it will feature Nicolas Cage as the Count Deadline

Spider-Man No Way Home Ticket sales surge crash AMC websiteUK Daily Mail

No Way Home tickets being sold for $10KLadbible

No Way Home Spiderboy

Marvel fans looking to get hold of tickets to see Spider-Man: No Way Home have run into something of a snag after cinema websites on both sides of the Atlantic crashed and left fans unable to purchase tickets for showings. You can see the trailer for the new blockbuster below:

With a matter of hours, tickets started appearing on sites such as eBay for eye-wateringly large sums of money, with one even listed for $10,000 (£7,500).

Making another three-film series of Spider-Man films with Tom Holland in talksComicbook and "confimed" at Screencrush

Frank Sinatra had a chance to be on Batman, but was told noCheatsheet

In the late 1960s, Sinatra was a mega music and movie star who had earned dozens of accolades, including an Academy Award, a Peabody, and multiple Grammys. But there was something about the Batman series that intrigued him. According to Ward, Sinatra asked producers to cast him in the role of Batman’s biggest nemesis.

"Frank Sinatra wanted to be the Joker," Ward told Nerdist.
Ward said that because producers had already hired Cesar Romero for the part of The Joker, they were unable to cast Sinatra in the role.

Tim Burton Batman movie's Bruce Wayne unique ten ways – let them count the ways at CBR

Interview with Jeremy IronsAV Club

Another one comes out of the closet: Jane Campion hates superhero moviesCheatsheet

[Director] Jane Campion doesn’t get the hype around the capes and ‘grown men in tights’ During the same interview at The Power of the Dog screening, she was asked if she might ever consider directing a superhero movie from Marvel, DC, or another group. "I think it’s safe to say that I will never do that. They’re so noisy and like ridiculous. Sometimes you get a good giggle," see said. "But I don’t know what the thing is with the capes, a grown man in tights. I feel like it must come from pantomime."

MST3K is returning with 13 new episodes featuring films like: Santo in The Treasure of Dracula, Beyond Atlantis, Demon Squad, Gamera vs. Jiger, and The Batwoman

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Disney slating $33 billion for new programming. Discovery/WB planning $22 billion

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Zack Snyder hints at Final Crisis project Comic Book

Zoe Kravitz: Pattinson's Batman "transformation" is "out of this world"Yahoo News

Some Black Friday comic book type dealsGamespot

Quantumania Ant-Man movie production has wrappedIndiana Gazette

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Voice voice "DC League of Super-Pets"Variety