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Haus of Secrets 92 The Coming of Man-Swamp Batcool - Batman and the popularity of Batman

Theatre of Superhero Mockery III

Gandorf and Batz and Skoob


Mable Comics Group, Popcorn Edition

Batman Pattison Fan Batsuit rendition

Spidery Woman Issue 101

Spidery Woman Issue 101

Apologies to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 84

DZEASED Parody cover


Batmobile Italiano

Batmobile Isetta Italiano automobile - More Batmobile

Apologies to DC Comics

Batzman 92 Cover

Mr and Mrs Evil
SOON Mewowoman by Archibald

Hey New Gloves
Theater of Superhero Mockery
Theater of Superhero Mockery

Theatre of Superhero Mockery Pages 123456

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American Comic Book Chronicles: 1965-69 Hardcover from TwoMorrowsAMAZON

Overstreet Price Guide 2022-2023

Overstreet Price Guide 2022-2023

Amazing Spider-Man by Ditko and Lee from Penguin CLassics

Amazing Spider-Man by Ditko and Lee from Penguin Classics

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