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Superman in Kennett Missouri

Superman in Kennett Missouri

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Disney v. Warner: How Captain America Beat Batman and Superman

May 27, 2016: New York Times examines what happened between the Batman V Superman V Captain America blowup this spring, and comes up with a lot of the usual ('one film must be better than the other'), but does provide interesting background information on how the films are made and how different the behind-the-scenes efforts were:

"...“Batman v Superman” would seem to have the edge where it really matters to the studios, which is at the box office. It opened first (on March 25). It had the two most valuable intellectual properties in the comic book universe, appearing together in starring roles. And it had enough A-list Hollywood talent to fill a multiplex.

Yet the results are in, and it’s not even close. The theatrical run of “Batman v Superman” is all but over, with a worldwide box office gross of $871 million. “Captain America” has surged past $1 billion in just three weeks.

Warner insists its film will earn a profit. But given that the studio gets only about half the box-office gross, any profit margin will be slim after deducting the film’s enormous production and marketing costs. And that has to be a disappointment considering what the studio must have expected.

...Wonder Woman seems awkwardly gerrymandered into the plot. Batman delivers a ponderous final speech that could (and probably will) run as a trailer for the forthcoming “Justice League: Part One.”

Marvel, too, teases future films (“Spider-Man” and “Black Panther” in “Civil War”) but seems more adept at it. "

Batman vs Superman and the Shadow of Marvel
Ben Affleck - Batman V Superman

In the wake of Batman V Superman

May 18 2016: Article at Hollywood Reporter on the result of Batman V Superman not plowing up as a high a stack of boxoffice as was intended: 'Batman v. Superman' Fallout: Warner Bros. Shakes Up Executive Roles

Although the article at HR doesn't make it explicit, it looks like Zach Snyder's powers to shape what hits the screen is being seriously curtailed (the article mentions the 'door WAS open for Snyder to completely shape the filmland DCU' ...seeming to imply that arrangement is over).

"Current executive vp Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, DC's chief content officer who successfully launched the comics label's foray into television, will co-run the newly created DC Films, according to multiple sources.

...Comics writer-turned-exec Johns, meanwhile, was key in working with showrunner Greg Berlanti on the ascension of superhero shows such as Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl...

.... the studio is working to smooth out the third act of Suicide Squad, its big August movie from director David Ayer that could change the perception of its DC line. The pic’s trailers have generated massive positive interest in the all-star actioner that features DC villains, and the studio wants to make sure audiences’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Suicide Squad recently went under major additional photography (multiple sources say it was not to add humor) to clear up the issues...

And more Batman-Affleck at Hollywood Reporter-Ben Affleck's Stand-Alone Batman Movie Is a Go

"The stand-alone Batman movie has yet to be officially dated, although there's rampant speculation that it will take one of the two slots Warner Bros. recently reserved for two untitled DC films: Oct. 5, 2018, and Nov. 1, 2019. The other could go to Suicide Squad 2."

Spider-Man V Batman V Superman

Spiderman has more lines than Superman

Source: Tumblr

Jeremy Irons - Batman V Superman

Jeremy Irons - Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman now at $851m worldwide

April 25, 2016: Though the intake of funds has slowed, Batman V Superman keeps chugging along after 31 days in release with a total to-date accumulation of American-market money $319,521,603, foreign market $532,100,000, with a total worldwide take, thus far, of $851,621,603 boxoffice.

Top Earning World Wide Superhero Films

List Updated Dec 20, 2017

Ranked by World Wide Earnings

*Currently in release in movie theatres

  1. The Avengers (2012 Marvel Studios) $1,511,757,910 Billion
  2. Avengers Age of Ultron (2015 Marvel Studios) $1.402 Billion
  3. Iron Man 3 (2013 Marvel Studios) $1,212,795,474 Billion
  4. Captain America Civil War: $1,153,294,011
  5. Dark Knight Rises (2012 Warners) 1,081,036,828 Billion
  6. The Dark Knight (2008 Warners Bros) $1,004,558,444 Billion
  7. Spiderman 3 (2007 Sony) $890.9 Million
  8. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Sony 2017) $880,166,924
  9. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice (Warners 2016) $872,662,631
  10. Thor: Ragnarok (Disney 2017) $842,394,757
  11. Wonder Woman (2017 Warners) $821,863,408 Million
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017 Marvel-Disney) $863,565,527 Worldwide

25. Justice League (Warners DC) $636,616,917

Main Cast for Batman V Superman

Director: Zack Snyder
Writers: David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio
Cinematographer: Larry Fong
Composer: Hans Zimmer

Main Players:

Henry Cavill
Ben Affleck
Gal Gadot
Jesse Eisenberg
Jeremy Irons
Amy Adams
Laurence Fishburne
Diane Lane
Holly Hunter
Kevin Costner* (Cameo)

Producers (this is rather long list)

Wesley Coller (executive producer)
David S. Goyer (executive producer)
Geoff Johns (executive producer)
Curt Kanemoto (co-producer)
Benjamin Melniker (executive producer)
Bruce Moriarty (associate producer)
Christopher Nolan (executive producer)
Charles Roven (producer)
Jim Rowe (co-producer)
Deborah Snyder (producer)
Emma Thomas (executive producer)
Michael Uslan (executive producer)
Gregor Wilson (co-producer)

Batman V Superman at $827.3 million

April 19, 2016: Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill's big launch of the cinematic DCU into direct confrontation with Marvel/Disney has added another $27 or so million after 27 days in release to make a $827,311,730 grand total. This makes it #8 on the all-time Superhero list, worldwide ranking.

Wonder Woman - Aquaman - Superman - Batman Affleck

Batman V Superman now at $783,485,542 worldwide

April 10, 2016: Domestic numbers are at $296,685,542 and foreign box office has piled up to $486,800,000 for Batman V Superman [Source: Boxofficemojo].

This means that, in terms of worldwide earnings, Batman V Superman is now #9 in all-time earnings for superhero movies (measured by worldwide box office, not just North American market numbers). This puts Zack Snyder's mega-opus just behind the 2004 Spider-Man 2 and just out ahead of the 2014 Guardians of the Universe. Not far behind is Deadpool, now at #12 in worldwide earnings.

None of these numbers are adjusted for inflation, which would throw the rankings around quite a bit if measured in actual dollar-values in ratio to ticket prices. Altered in that fashion, the 1989 Tim Burton Batman and the Chris Reeve's Superman of 1978 might still be the all-time winners. For example, the 1978 Superman, adjusted for inflation, comes in at nearly $1.1 billion in adjusted value. And that's without correlating that sum to ticket prices of 1978, which on average were approximately $2.30 per seat.

Batman V Superman $683,957,793 worldwide

April 5, 2016: Box Office Mojo on the big dip in earnings for Warner's big superhero film of the summer:

"The steep second weekend drop suffered by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will receive the bulk of attention this week and rightfully so as it is the fifth largest second weekend drop for a film that opened over $100 million. That said, the superhero feature maintained the #1 position and has now crossed $680 million worldwide. Meanwhile, Disney's Zootopia continued its impressive run while the weekend's widest new release, God's Not Dead 2, fell well short of its predecessor.

Heading into the weekend, it appeared Batman v Superman was looking at a drop anywhere from 58-68% and it ended up settling in on the wrong side of those expectations. The film's estimated $52.3 million signifies a 68.4% drop (62.1% if you take into consideration its $27.7 million in Thursday previews last week). This is the fifth largest drop of all-time for a film opening over $100 million, topped only by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2's 72% drop and a trio of Twilight films dropping 69-70%."

Opening Week: Here comes Batman V Superman and it's "an Epic Mess"

March 25, 2016: A passle of reviews are out on Warner's huge anti-Avengers effort at box office glory. Superhero movies have been able to skate on pretty smooth ice because of Whedon's Avengers movie and Nolan's Batman films, but after years of waiting and a monster-sized marketing campaign, this movie is in the unfortunate position of being the perfect target for movie critic backlash. Here's a round up of some of their words:

"Snyder has set a Sisyphean task for himself. That this very long, very brooding, often exhilarating and sometimes scattered epic succeeds as often it does therefore has to be seen as an achievement, and worldwide box office should be sufficiently lucrative to ensure future installments proceed on schedule. But amidst all the grueling work of saving the world and shouldering a franchise toward the heights, it would be nice to see these heroes, and this series, take a few more breathers to enjoy the view.

...Fortunately, Affleck’s Wayne — here sporting salt-and-pepper temples and all the baggage of a man who, as faithful butler Alfred (Jeremy Irons) notes, “got too old to die young, and not for want of trying” — is a winningly cranky, charismatic presence even when out of costume. Diving headfirst into the sorts of detective work that Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy often short-shrifted, Wayne casts a skeptical eye on Superman while investigating a mysterious underworld figure named White Portuguese, his tracks traced by an equally mysterious woman (Gal Gadot)."

Review at Variety

"Zack Snyder makes superhero movies, but his characters don’t act very heroic. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice features all the other trappings of the superhero genre: Capes, gadgets, outlandish muscles, punching stuff. But the two stars aren’t noble, selfless, or chivalrous; they’re violent, aggressive, and angry — mostly at each other instead of the bad guys. In Snyder’s formulation, protecting the world from evil isn’t a gift or a calling; it’s a burden. And that feeling is reflected in the movie itself, a burdensome 150-minute slog about two men fighting over who is in the right when both are very clearly in the wrong.

...Ben Affleck makes a capable Batman, even if his character is rendered a hotheaded dope by David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio’s screenplay. (For the “World’s Greatest Detective,” Affleck’s Dark Knight is very easily manipulated.) And Henry Cavill remains a solid Superman. Ironically, though, the best character is the one who got left off the marquee: Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. It’s never made clear why she’s wandering through Metropolis and Gotham, and she doesn’t have a lot to say, but in a movie where no one else ever shuts up, that’s a refreshing change of pace."

Review at Sreencrush

The story does take an epic, rangy perspective, as the long setup jumps from one far-flung locale to another to establish pockets of evil while also dramatizing Bruce Wayne's backstory, here conceived as seeing his parents gunned down in the street after emerging from a theater showing Excalibur. Seemingly disconnected worldwide events — Metropolis being destroyed as a huge spacecraft with claws hangs overhead, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) on assignment in Africa, criminals threatening wider destruction with a dirty bomb — are mixed in with Bruce (Ben Affleck, fitting the role just fine) brooding over his place in the world and his legacy, to which his butler Alfred (Jeremy Irons, who could use more to do) replies with perhaps the film's best line: "Even you've grown too old to die young."

Review from CNN

"Affleck, whose appointment to the Batman role was so controversial among the Comic Con crowd, acquits himself pretty well: more careworn than any previous Batman, but bulked up enough to cope with the combat scenes. He leads a principal cast of considerable pedigree, packed with past Oscar winners and nominees (including Irons, Holly Hunter and Amy Adams). Director Zack Snyder, returning from Man of Steel, applies the degree of visual polish that the contemporary superhero film demands, even if subtlety is not his strong point. And Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) gets the introduction she needs to trigger the required interest in the inevitable standalone feature. All in all, job done, just about."

Review at the UK Guardian

"Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was legitimately looking this forward to a movie that I found this dull. About halfway through this over two-and-a-half hour movie, I had to stop my brain from thinking about other things, like what groceries I needed to pick up at some point. For a good portion of its running time, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just a bunch of superheroes and supervillains talking about being superheroes and supervillains.

...The film opens with the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne… again. (Honestly, have two fictional characters been killed on screen more often than these two poor souls?) After we live through that again, the movie flash-forwards to the events of Man of Steel, only from Bruce Wayne’s perspective. This is my favorite scene of the movie. Snyder does a compelling job of showing what these events would look like from the perspective of a citizen. For whatever reason, horrific events always seem more frightening when they are in the background."

Review at Uproxx

"It pulls in far too many different directions at once. The filmmakers can’t work out whether they want to be in Metropolis (Superman’s stomping ground) or in Gotham (where Batman clings to the shadows), whether they’re making a dark, Oedipal drama or serving up comic book escapism; whether this is a story of a real rivalry or just a testosterone-driven buddy movie in disguise.

The token addition of Wonder Woman (Gail Gadot), plucked off a plane to help save the world, only serves to confuse matters further. The film starts exquisitely. Director Zack Snyder whisks us back in time to when Bruce Wayne was a child and experienced the traumatic events that turned him into Batman in the first place. It is 1981 and little Bruce is walking with his parents past a cinema showing John Boorman’s Excalibur when his innocence is shattered forever by an act of unspeakable violence.

...Ironically, many of the best moments here are when the superheroes are in their civilian roles. A very muscular-looking Affleck has clearly been working out to play Bruce Wayne/Batman but he is also effective at conveying his character’s darker, more doubting side. "

Review at the UK Independent

"The heavy religious symbolism of Man of Steel now looks relatively restrained: Superman himself has gone Full Christ Metaphor, and his life is an endless cycle of rescuing people (mainly Lois) and pulling expressions of pained benificence. Cavill has almost nothing to do apart from look chiseled, which makes a depressing kind of sense, given the film seems to view his character as a living statue.

....But if Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer’s script hobbles Eisenberg, it judo-sweeps the feet out from under every woman in sight. Both Adams’ Lois Lane and Diane Lane’s Martha Kent are serial victims, Holly Hunter’s potentially sparky role as a senator prepared to stand up to Luthor never coheres, and until the big finish, Gadot isn't called on to do much but slink."

Review at UK Telegraph

"As with other ‘versus’ films — Alien Vs. Predator, Freddy Vs. Jason, Kramer Vs. Kramer Vs. Godzilla — the title carries a charge of giddy promise. Two titans of pop culture will, we are assured, rearrange city streets with each other’s faces. And once it arrives, the fight is a tightly choreographed, berserkly overwrought treat. But talk about delayed gratification: Snyder makes you wait, and wait, and wait for the championship bout. As the colon in the unwieldy title suggests, this is really two movies squished into one. Besides another run-through of Bruce Wayne’s tragic backstory (including an odd nod to John Boorman’s Excalibur), Dawn Of Justice strains to both set up a plausible conflict between the two superheroes, and shift pieces into place for future sequels and spin-offs. It’s a film with a lot on its mind.

...As for the DC world-building, there’s a lot to take in, though much of it amounts to a superhero watching clips of other superheroes on a laptop. Metahumans are glimpsed — hastily setting the table for next year’s Justice League, doing in four minutes what took Marvel four years — though, with one trippy exception, they don’t actually interact with our principal characters. That honour goes to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, a character invented in 1941 and only now making her big-screen debut. Gadot’s dramatic powers remain to be tested, but she at least makes a big impact in the final reel’s showdown, unleashing her Lasso Of Truth and power-sliding all over the place. It’s a landmark moment in cinema, executed well."

Review at Empire Online

Official story synopsis released by Warner Bros June 2015:

Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.

Top Earning World Wide Superhero Films

List Updated Dec 20, 2017

Ranked by World Wide Earnings

*Currently in release in movie theatres

  1. The Avengers (2012 Marvel Studios) $1,511,757,910 Billion
  2. Avengers Age of Ultron (2015 Marvel Studios) $1.402 Billion
  3. Iron Man 3 (2013 Marvel Studios) $1,212,795,474 Billion
  4. Captain America Civil War: $1,153,294,011
  5. Dark Knight Rises (2012 Warners) 1,081,036,828 Billion
  6. The Dark Knight (2008 Warners Bros) $1,004,558,444 Billion
  7. Spiderman 3 (2007 Sony) $890.9 Million
  8. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Sony 2017) $880,166,924
  9. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice (Warners 2016) $872,662,631
  10. Thor: Ragnarok (Disney 2017) $842,394,757
  11. Wonder Woman (2017 Warners) $821,863,408 Million
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017 Marvel-Disney) $863,565,527 Worldwide

25. Justice League (Warners DC) $636,616,917

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 2016

Batman V Superman Chinese Poster

Chinese Market Batman V Superman Poster

She with you?

Batman V Superman V Wonder Woman

Batman V Superman V Wonder Woman

Cine Premier Batman V Superman - Wonder Woman

Directors Cut of Batman V Superman has been Rated R by the MPAA

MPAA announcement online web site:

Batman V Superman Rated R Version Ultimate

2 for $5

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Jeremy Irons on Batman V Superman

Article at Business Insider:

"As "Deadpool" continues to bring in a ton of money in the box office around the world, Warner Bros. and DC comics are hoping for a hit when "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" hits theaters in March. Actor Jeremy Irons, who stars in the film as Bruce Wayne's (Ben Affleck) butler Alfred, says fans will not be disappointed when the movie is released."

More at ScreenRant:

How was that experience and how amazing is Ben as Batman?

Jeremy Irons: He’s extraordinary. Quite extraordinary. And Zack Snyder, the director, fantastic vision. And I think the public have a great treat in store.

Is this going to be something that we’re going to want to see over and over again?

Jeremy Irons: I suspect so. I hope so.

Lots of action?

Jeremy Irons: Lot of action.

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Alfred and Affleck in Batcave - Batman V Superman

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