Batman Alfred in the Soup 1945 - Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson

Born Sherrill David Robinson - January 1, 1922 – December 7, 2011

Comic book pioneer, artist and inker. Author of various books on comic books and the history of the beginning of the medium.

Jerry RObinson Photo

Jerry Robinson, along with Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, was a contributing force to the creation of The Batman and Robinson is usually credited as the principal creator of Batman arch-villain The Joker (though the credit to Robinson has been disputed by Bob Kane, who offers a different story on the origin of the "Clown Prince of Crime.")

Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson Back Cover Batman and Robin

Jerry Robinsons The Worlds Greatest Comics Quiz Cover

Batman Number 1, Spring 1940

Batman number 1 Spring 1940 art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson

Batman #1, Spring 1940, art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. View cover enlarged.

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