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Dark Knight movie viral marketing

June 22, 2009: The marketing firm 42 Entertainment ran the "viral marketing" campaign for The Dark Knight during the lead up to the film's release. Here is a list of the domain names used as part of the effort at getting attention from existing Batman fans and to also grab the attention from mainstream movie goers:

  1. whysoserious.com
  2. ibelieveinharveydent.com
  3. thegothamtimes.com
  4. thehahahatimes.com
  5. gothamcablenews.com
  6. rorysdeathkiss.com
  7. citizensforbatman.com
  8. gothamnationalbank.com
  9. gothamcitypizzeria.com
  10. acmesecuritysystemscom
  11. trustgarcetti.com
  12. rent-a-clown.com
  13. gothampolice.com
  14. gothamcityrail.com
  15. gothamusd.com
  16. bettyshouseofpies.com
  17. atasteforthetheatrical.com
  18. gothamelectionboard.com
  19. maidenavenuereport.com
  20. danaworthington.com
  21. rossisdelicatessen.com
  22. gcferries.com
  23. GVAfoundation.org
  24. kinsleytravel.com
  25. gpdiad.com
  26. gothamhistorictrust.com
  27. gothamcab.com
  28. gothamcityclerk.com
  29. ccfabg.org
  30. rememberinggina.org
  31. wearetheanswer.com

Screenshot below of Betty's House of Pies web site - example of the viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight.

Bettys House of Lies The Dark Knight

This pie makes u thin!

This pie has no salmonella!

Robots are afraid of pies!

This screenshot shows the effort made by Warner Bros through the marketing firm 42 Entertainment to mount a 'viral campaign' to get the attention of moviegoers.

The web site for Betty's House of Pie's was defaced in "Joker-style" to demonstrate how the villain was impacting Gotham City.

Be sure to see the page on this at 42 Marketing

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