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The Suicide Squad joins the bad-side of the "$100 million dollar club"

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The Suicide Squad is the first and probably the only member of a new weird box office "club." It's the first sequel to open with over $100 million less than its predecessor. David Ayer's first Suicide Squad opened with $133 million despite terrible reviews in August of 2016. The Will Smith/Margot Robbie flick boasted the first DC Films appearances of Harley Quinn and the Joker, along with a much-hyped cameo from Ben Affleck's Batman. Even with poor reviews, and much-publicized studio tinkering in the aftermath of Batman v Superman's poor reception and Deadpool's breakout success, audiences showed up in record numbers. In weekend two, the film plunged 68% but still managed to leg out to $325 million domestic. That's thanks to the appeal of its marquee characters, the Will Smith factor and its place as the last big movie of the summer. Five years later, with few of those elements intact, The Suicide Squad opened with $26.2 million, or $107.482 million less than its predecessor.

Black Widow brings semi-good news for superhero movies

July 11, 2021: The good news for Disney is that they've got a movie making some money and thereby creating cash-flow after a long drought when cash-flow wasn't happening, and the numbers for Black Widow look pretty good on the outside ($215 million world wide so far for the Scarlett Johansson picture), but the downside is that most of the number-crunchers are saying that the decision to run the film simultaneously on Disney+ is contributing to the huge number decline following the Thursday-Friday opening. Compared to previous Marvel films, the Black Widow audience is drying up faster than previous releases, and that bodes ill for it to become a long-running summer repeat-viewer (i.e., a film with "legs").

For the first time since the pandemic hit in mid-March 2020, the total domestic box office has finally exceeded $100M over three days. Yes, thanks in part to Disney’s release of the long-awaited Marvel title Black Widow.

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