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Marvel Movies May 2019

Avengers Endgame and Captain Marvel tag team the top of the movie box office grosses

Marvel currently rules the cinematic world

May 30, 2019: $2,686,851,641 billion worldwide

May 22, 2019: $2,622,914,098 worldwide

May 14 Update: $2,503,147,735 billion worldwide

May 7 Update: $2,193,740,959 billion worldwide

May 1 Update: $1,447,989,446 billion worldwide

April 29 update: $1,216,000,000 billion worldwide take

April 28, 2019: Avengers Endgame opening weekend is already at $643,700,000 worldwide, with only a 2-day count, thus both Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame are tag-teaming at the top of the money-making charts.

Marvel's 22-film story arc comes to an end with this fourth Avengers movie, and though Iron Man (2008) started off with great numbers ($585,174,222 worldwide) and proof that the superhero movie genre still had significant life to it (coming out two months before Nolan's The Dark Knight, which then proceeded to pile up over $1 billion in box office all on its own) no one could have guessed that by Avengers Endgame that the total on all the subsequent Marvel movies after Iron Man would be totaling near the $20 billion dollar mark.

Avengers Endgame truly ends the movie story line

How do we know Avengers: Endgame is really the "end" of this batch of Marvel films? Because there are no teaser end-credit bits that point to the next film's additional story line.

This sudden change in tradition was a structural statement to the fans who have patently waited through accumulated credit time of hours that this really is it, folks. Even if muscle memory kept plenty of people glued to their seats and scanning through the clouds of end titles scrolling by, there's nothing there to add (or detract) from the completed magnum opus.

(Note: This changed after a week into the release, a Spider-Man: Far From Home promo was tagged onto the beginning - - Tom Holland looking at the camera asking the moviegoer to please wait through the credits for my trailer... and then the actual trailer after the end of Avengers End Game.)

Plenty of story strings were left dangling to accommodate new films, of course, but not with this combined cast list.

Captain Marvel at Worldwide: $1,098,094,680 worldwide

April 28, 2019: Detailed numbers at BoxofficeMojo

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