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July 20, 2021

Casting on Batwoman Season 3 – impressive that a show with such a drop in ratings last season is given more time with a third season – Deadline Hollywood and at Cinemablend

Concerning Batwoman ratings, this article at Wegotthiscovered mentions it: "...season 3 kicks off on October 13th, with the show moving to the new night of Wednesdays, possibly as an attempt to combat the dipping ratings."

Ghost World movie reaches 20 year anniversary UK Guardian

Black Widow to appear in Shang-Chi movie?Comicbookmovie

"Mykonos Batman" helps implement pandemic restrictions on the Greek isle

Video and story at Eleftherostypos [in Greek, use Google Translate to change to English if needed]

See more: Batmen of the World

The SDCC Comicon from 1970 to nowMultiversitycomics

The part that Detroit, Ray Bradbury and Artist’s Alley played in the creation of the long-running convention.

Report on Rochester Indie Comics ExpoRochester City Paper

Yikes ... Black Widow suffers gigantic box office decline in second weekend?

Black Widow Worries

Theater owners furious at Disney strategy on Black Widow – more on the Black Widow page

Those times DC heroes appeared in Marvel ComicsWhatculture

The hungering continues...

"Comic books have taken over the movies. Must they take our indie auteurs, too?"

Story at Washington Post - MSN News

Review of Houston, Texas' Comicpalooza conventionHouston Press

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Batman News Roundup:

Penguin only gets half dozen scenes in coming The Batman movie IGN

He's gotta appear some if you're going to sell a Pengiun toy next March, 2022

Lego has a Batman Cowl mask set Batman News

You can build it but I don't think you could safely wear it.

1989 Batmobile in the coming Flash movieWegotthiscovered

The headline at WGTC said fans were going mad at this news.

Ruby Rose says Batwoman suit gave her hivesNME

She found out that she was allergic to latex .

Adam West Pro-Wrestling Batman AppearanceScreenrant

West hilariously - and potentially through some level of inebriation - accuses Lawler of colluding with The Penguin and Mr. Freeze to make Tennessee's winter unusually frigid that year, a true crime against humanity if there ever was one. Lawler joining into the conversation only ratchets up the surreal nature of the event, with "The King" coming out in full Superman attire, followed by Batman referring to Superman as his friend "Sup," and even bizarrely invoking Marvel superhero Spider-Man, calling him "Spidey-Baby."

More Adam West

Batman and Robin movie "under-rated" Screenrant

For pure entertainment value of the unintended kind, it is indeed a champion.

Space Jam vs Black Widow this weekend at box officeMSN Variety

World of Lebanese comic booksAlbawaba

Brazil Comic Books: HQ Destro - aka The Hammer of FreedomManometcurrent

São Paulo, 2045. A communist dictatorship has spread across the planet and the Brazilian metropolis is destroyed. There are no more dogs – they have all been devoured by starving locals, including a large number of Argentines who fled the Peronist government, even more cruel than that of Brazil. Drones are monitoring people, who have been forced to enroll in a global biometric system. In this scenario, a former military man walks in the shadows, unidentified by the digital Marxist dictatorship. His name is João Destro. This is the starting point of HQ Destro, scripted by Luciano Cunha and designed by Michel Gomes.

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