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Marvel Comics slate for December

Solicitations with images at Gamesradar

Marvel to feature Chris Claremont in December with a special one-shot

The writer who co-created the modern X-Men (with John Byrne, among other artists) is having a 50 year anniversary in December 2020. Claremont's impact on modern comic books can't be measured, his run on the moribund late 1970's X-Men took a second string book and turned it into a model for change and updating storytelling styles that influenced what came next in the 1980s for all the superhero books.

Story at Gamesradar

Dan Didio goes to the Kubert school

Story at Games Radar

No hurry for crowds to return to movie theaters

Still a continuing mess of low ticket sales - story at NBC Los Angeles

The "scramble" for online customers by retail shops

Story at Leader Telegram

The Batman director Reeves brings out new Bat-art for Batman-Day 2020

Story and images at Comic Book

Adam West birthday

Adam West

Story at Movieweb

More Adam West

Jaden Smith and the white Batman suit

Worn to various events by a committed Bat-fan - story at Cheat Sheet

Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog team up?

Story at CBR

For Batman-day, Lego company releases huge Batwing model set based on the 1989 Batman movie

Story at Hollywood Reporter

Tatiana Maslany shall be She-Hulk

She Hulk

She's five-foot-four? So says Deadline Hollywood

Henry Cavill is in for three more Superman roles

Thus says UK Express

The Batman movie resumes production

At this rate, we'll get to see Pattinson (as Bruce Wayne/Batman) literally age as we watch the finished movie as it will be made up of scenes shot over a longer and longer period of time. More on the Pattinson / Matt Reeves The Batman

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