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With Snyder's Justice League cut coming, Affleck is back in the batsuit

Batman Ben Affleck

And this raises questions at Cheatsheet

...To be fair, Affleck’s version of Batman was not that bad. But the actor’s legacy was hurt by a series of bad movies that were not entirely his fault. This started with his first appearance as the Caped Crusader was in the 2016 film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"Not that bad" isn't (wasn't) the issue. Batman V Superman was an intelligent film that took on a lot more than what the usual superhero film tries to reach for (why wasn't it better appreciated? Was it because of the barrage of critical reaction that wanted a DC-version of Marvel, and not getting it, yelled 'foul'?) There was little wrong with the cast, but with how the cast was moved through the story and how dialogue was distributed (what little there was of it).

More about Snyder Cut Justice League

More in defense of Batman V Superman which many fans called a snooze-fest here

DZEASED Parody cover

More Superhero Mockery

DC Connect premiers: online digital coming previews catalog

Seems like DC Comics is moving further away from Diamond by moving its DC previews into digital only DC Connect ?

In fact you can see the first DC Connect online here

Story at Bleeding Cool

Rebranding of Justice League into Justice League Unlimited fueled by toy sale concerns

Not exactly a surprise

Story at CBR

Diamond Distributors shipping arriving at stores

May 20, 2020

Shipments include letter from Geppi.

Coverage of this story at Bleeding Cool includes pictures of the contents bent up corners from being packed poorly.

Comic book day: Tuesday vs Wednesday

Story at Newsarama

Preview of The Batman’s Grave #7

In these few pages, it looks like Batman only has darkened eye sockets instead of the usual white eye slits.

Preview at Newsarama

Archie Milestones on the racks

Grocery store cashier rack

More Archie

Supergirl is ending with last two issues digital

However, the two digital-only issues will be printed into collections.

Story at Newsarama

Cancelled Super Girl

Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises returns to Hong Kong theaters

Story at Gamespot

Will the next Mad Max movie not have Mad Max in it, nor Charlize Theron?

Story at Polygon

S NADIR Harley head smile

Harley Quinn series cancels out on issue #75

Story about this at Newsarama

The new comic book distribution wars

May 16, 2020

Article at Bleeding Cool

Comic book stores vs Covid

Story at Comic Book

Longish affectionate tribute to Calvin and Hobbes as an antidote to quarantine

A story at Polygon

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