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Ghost Leather and Duckhead

In the wake of Ghost Rider going off HULU, the speculation is that Johnny Blaze could next show up in a Marvel film.

Video interview with Batman mega-producer

The interview discusses how Michael Uslan learned to read as a child via comic books, and how he bonded early with Detective Comics/Batman. Uslan recounts how he went to Indiana University and birthed a comic book course, he claims it was the first one in America, and tells of how the creation of the class on comic books required that he argue with the Dean that the comic book universe is a combination of ancient Greek mythology and swiped stories from the Bible. Story at Indiana Public Media

Brandon Routh back as Supers for Infinite Earths

Many Supermens (Routh, Tyler Hoechlin and Tom Welling) are featured in the crossover series that combines together airtime from five different shows. Here's the schedule:

Crisis on Infinite Earths
December 8: Supergirl 8 pm ET/PT
December 9: Batwoman 8 pm ET/PT 9
December 10: The Flash 8 pm ET/PT
January 14: Arrow 8 pm ET/PT
January 14: DC’S Legends of Tomorrow 9 pm ET/PT – "fans are getting some pretty awesome looks"

Digital Spy – "Brandon Routh and Tyler Hoechlin have been pictured in costume together for the first time"

UK Yahoo – "Heroes and villains unite to fight the Anti-Monitor"

Deadline Hollywood – "Superman as the compromised, world-weary version introduced in the landmark DC Comics saga Kingdom Come from 1996..."

Super Girled and Super Manned

More names thrown into Matt Reeves' Batman movie

Jeffrey Wright (as Commissioner Gordon) and Jonah Hill (as a villain) are either now cast or are in the indefinite Hollywood limbo of negotiations...

More Batman 2021

The story of DC Comics and Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson's penchant for original material (in 1935)

The profile of how Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson seriously impacted the beginning years of comics is in this Newsday story

"A lot of people who've written about this period of comics history make a slightly derogatory remark, like the Major did this because he couldn't get the rights to reprint newspaper strips," says granddaughter Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, calling her kin by the title he went by. A journalist turned comics historian, who will be signing copies of her book "DC Comics Before Superman" at table J-7 in the New York Comic Con's "Artists Alley" next week, she says that, "He was interested from the beginning in doing original material. He came out of pulp magazines creatively, so he was used to being in a world of original material."

Infinity War Display Stand

No more Ghost Rider at Hulu

Says Wired

J. Jonah Jameson attacks Spidey on new website Daily Bugle

Promo site for the home video release of Daily - Spider-Man Far from Home

Some are saying it reminds them of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies. Reminds me of that and the various web sites director Nolan had which tied into the Dark Knight movie.

Disney to buy Academy Awards and then give Oscar to Avengers: Endgame

Just kidding, Marvel/Disney is gearing up to promote Endgame to be the lucky recipient of a future Academy Award - story at Newsarama

Bat Toy

Batman getting new creative team: James Tynion IV and Tony Daniel - they assume control at the end of the City O' Bane storyline currently being published. Online at Hollywood Reporter which has the details.

Disney the "plucky underdog vs. Sony" - not so, says writer David Koepp - story at Cinema Blend

Bat signals around the world - Story at Washington Post

Batman Day highlights at Newsweek


Lego Hulk Grrrr

DC Comics makes September 21 Batman Day (again)

See the DC Comics web site for how they're celebrating the Dark Knight. They have a interactive world map showing comic book stores that are participating in the event.

Also, Newsweek Magazine online has a rundown of the free stuff associated with the event

Free Arkham Asylum downloads + Lego Batman

At the Epic Game store - story about this at TheVerge

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