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Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol. 1 - AMAZON

Archive Page 2007

All-female Marvel Movie?

USA Today stokes the flame. Mostly about Brie Larson.

Marvel Female Movie

Top Halloween costumes of 2019: Spider-Man and Princess Elsa

Story at USA Today

500 horsepower Bat-Mobile for sale, only $850K

Comes with night-vision. This isn't a model kit – story at Mens Health

Wonder Color

Art by Dre Ad

Marvel will resurrect The End series with slate for final adventure stories for Deadpool, Miles Morales and Captain America

Details at IGN News

Todd Phillips Joker film sets up the premise for a different kind of Batman

The writer at Hollywood Reporter examines various permutations of what sort of Bruce Wayne would develop in the world of the Todd Phillips' Joker movie.

Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman Deluxe Edition

Batman 80th Anniversary Collection (Blu-ray)

Rampage Fighters

Joker barely into theaters and already there's Oscar talk

Story at Bleeding Cool

More Joker

Ten times Europe turned against freedom of speech: List includes some cartoonists who found out what happens when you draw something not liked by powers that command the police force. Listverse.com

Superheroes McCave art

Art by McCave

Swat Team Batman

Policeman dressed in Batman garb scales building to entertain kids at children's hospital - video at MSN News

Reminds me of the famous "Route 29 Batman" - story at Washington Post

August 17, 2015: Famed in the Washington DC / Baltimore area for his charitable work with children, Lenny B Robinson was killed in a tragic road-side accident.

Older piece at the Post:

When Batman finally reached the elevator for the slow ride up to the cancer ward, I could see his face already sweating behind the mask. He told me he loses 5 to 6 pounds in water weight when he wears the superhero uniform. He paid $5,000 for it. He spends $25,000 a year of his own money on Batman toys and memorabilia. He signs every book, hat, T-shirt and backpack he hands out — 'Batman'."

Read the profile at the Washington Post

The Riddler in Richmond Virginia

World's smallest comic book store?

Hella Novella - story at SF Gate

Vox Batman

Bat Pirate

Everything Batman in entertainment news means these kinds of articles:

"Robert Pattinson Reveals His 'Piratey' Batman Voice Will Be Inspired by Willem Dafoe " - MSN News

"Robert Pattinson Wants His Batman To Be 'Frightening'" - Cinema Blend

"Robert Pattinson wants to lose himself in Batman role" - MSN News

Storm over Storm's complexion

Article at the Marysue about how Storm's coloring is making her "unrecognizable." Also, that she "looks more like Felicia Hardy."

Joker rolling towards top-earner for R-rated superhero film

Oct 21, 2019: At $737 million worldwide - details at Business Insider


Baltimore Comicon coming

Preview at Comics Beat

Clark Kent goes full Tony Stark

Superman speaks his truth - NY Times

Secet Identity revealed - Comic Book

Its not a fake-out - Newsarama

Batman cast confirmed

Zoe Kravitz - Catwoman and Robbie Pattinson - BatmanJeffrrey Wright and Paul Dano

Matt Reeves' BATMAN cast:

Robert Pattinson is Batman

Zoe Kravitz is Catwoman

Jeffrey Wright is Commissioner Gordon

Paul Dano is The Riddler

September's biggest seller was Spawn #300

Story at Bleeding Cool

The answer to this is obvious: Why is Galaxy Quest the best Star Trek movie? – Newsarama

Jonah Hill exits consideration for Batman movie villain role - Collider

Whiz Comics

Whiz Comics


New York Comicon 2019

A home for "black nerds" - The Grio

Comicon's most annoying moment - Bleeding Cool

210,000 tickets sold - Publishers Weekly

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