Frazetta "Berserker" sells for $1.0 million USD

1968 painting originally used as cover for "Conan the Conqueror"

Guitarist Kirk Hammett purchased the painting for $1,000,000 USD in 2009. Prior to Hammet's acquiring one of the seminal Conan images of the 20th century, the Frazetta original record auction sale price was $251,000 in 2008 for the cover to Escape on Venus, one of the many Edgar Rice Burroughs books Frazetta did covers and/or interior illustrations for. The $1 million USD for Conqueror was beaten in 2010 by the $1.5 million USD sale on Destroyer. The record for a Frazetta ink drawing is $380,000 in 2010 for the cover art to EC Comics Weird Science Fantasy #29.

Frank Frazetta

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