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The Joker

The Clown Prince of Crime

The Creation of the Joker

The dominate story of the creation of The Joker is that artist Jerry Robinson, who worked for Batman creator Bob Kane as an inker, had the idea for the character. Bob Kane long disputed this story, saying that he and frequent Batman writer Bill Finger came up with the character, and that Robinson only added the playing card element.

For an example of Robinson's inking working with Kane, see this cover to Batman number 1, Spring 1940,

Robinson's claim is that he developed The Joker character through rough sketches and story ideas, and after talking with Batman writer Bill Finger, Finger suggested to visually base the character's visage on the appearance of the sympathetic silent-movie character Gwynplaine who is scarred with a permanent smile in the film The Man Who Laughs. In the 1928 silent film, Gwynplaine travels in a circus and the story itself is in the vein of other popular circus titles of the silent era (like the Lon Chaney Sr films "He Who Gets Slapped" and "Laugh Clown Laugh.")

Robinson's story about the creation of the Joker:

Robinson had wanted to write the original story that introduced The Joker, but competing deadlines for both Batman art and Robinson's journalism school requirements resulted in Finger writing the first appearance which utilized a number of Robinson's ideas, particularly the Joker playing card as a symbol of the sinister serial-murderer.

Bob Kane on the making of the Joker

Bob Kane's claim is that Bill Finger owned a book with a photo of actor Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine, and that he and Finger worked on the character before Robinson added the playing card, and that principally it is he (Kane) and Finger who created the character.

Joker from the cover of Brave and the Bold #111 art by Jim Aparo

The Joker

The Joker - art by Tony Moore

Art by Tony Moore

Joker Bruce Timm

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Scott Hampton - Batman vs Joker

Art by Scott Hampton

Dark Knight III

Paul Pope III Dark Knight Variant

Art by Paul Pope

Killing Joke 2016

Mark Hamill will be doing Joker (again) for The Killing Joke animated film version. Hamill most recently did Joker for the Arkham Knight and Batgirl video games.

Joker Cover by Jock for Detective #880

Detective Comics Cover 880 by Jock

See the Cover for Detective 872 enlarged.

This image by Jock has been popular, showing up not just as an art print, which is to be expected from a strong image of a famous character that is marketed by a powerful entity like DC Comics licensing, but elsewhere Jock's rendition has appeared as a tattoo.

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