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Alan Moore's Revenge – Deconstruction wrecks the DC Universe

Paperback Manga is taking over the world – American comics vs Manga, and who is obviously winning

Manga Vs. the USA

What's "hot" in manga, and why can't America make manga?

May 2020

Manga vs the USA

Is this the end of the industry?

The demise of the stores, the companies, or the medium

Comic books the demise

Comic Book Stores: can they survive

"If there's any satisfaction to be had from being first, it would be to see how much these other mediums are picking the bones of comic book culture, the industry that seems to be constantly dying and simultaneously regrowing itself from the corpse. The marriage of text and pictures, especially as a sequential artform, isn't going to die, though pamphlet comics may reach a very low nadir, and the point is to remember that these two things are not the same thing." - Read Comic Book Stores: can they survive

Four Issues and Done - are 4 issues all thats needed?

"My view is that the problem of 'wasted space' in the modern, very long superhero epics of DC and Marvel resides with the editors. Usually, they have the power and the position to watch out for story sprawl getting out of control long before the comic ever reaches final production stage. But, having seen misdirected word balloons and other obvious production goofs on printed pages, the question might really be is are there enough editors actually engaged in overseeing these books?" - Read Four Issues and Done

Changing world of retail comic books

"Superhero comics are now trumped in sales by graphic novels for kids - this is a phenomenon which actually reflects a return to roots for the medium. You would think this would be great for direct sale comic book shops, but..." - Read changing world of retail comic books

The Comic Book and its storytelling advantages

The comic book differs from the motion picture medium in that films are almost entirely passive in the experience of the audience. - Read the Comic Book and its storytelling advantages

Lounge act - problems of modern Comic Book retail

"...the difference was that, besides the act of running their store from their card-table, they wouldn't actually do more than make a cursory look for the items I would ask about, and then leave me empty-handed as they retired quickly back to their game. Could they order the item? Was the item even available from any distributer? This wasn't offered, they too quickly ejected from the customer to return to their lounge." - Read Comic Book Store Blues- Lounge act - problems of modern Comic Book retail

Inaccessible Comic Books

Another article (on a needed subject) trying to explain why the comics medium is simultaneously a seedbed for enormous success in other mediums (particularly film adaptations) but can't grow its own audience.

Inaccessible Comic Books

Staid celebrity glory explained at Pandemic and celebritidom

Comic Book Stores

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Overstreet Price Guide 2022-2023

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