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June 22, 2021

"Promise collection" highlights from the first day

There was no shortage of books selling for six figures, among them the second book offered Friday: 1944's All-American Comics No.61 graded CGC NM+9.6, which introduced DC's immortal villain Solomon Grundy and sits at No.61 on Overstreet's list of Top 100 Golden Age Comics. Its final sale price of $138,000 heralded the excitement to come. In short order, a CGC VF/NM 9.0 copy of Detective Comics No. 69 shattered pre-auction expectations when it sold for $126,000. Minutes later came the highest-graded copy of 1946's Detective Comics No. 114, at CGC NM/MT 9.8, with its double cover; it sold for $156,000. A few minutes after that followed the highest-graded copy of Detective Comics No. 124, a CGC NM/MT 9.8 with a bright Bob Kane cover that sold for $120,000.

Story at Fine Books Magazine

Thailand ComicsKhaosod English

Diamond expands plans for Free Comic Book Day

With fifty comic book titles that range from superheroes to movies and video games, to beloved franchises, and all-ages favorites, Free Comic Book Day 2021 takes place in comic shops on August 14.

Story at comicbook

Disneyland hotel in Paris features Marvel ArtCoventry Telegraph

The questions being caused by NFT crypto art sales

If you read to the end, one of the basic questions being raised is whether the NFT fad will end as all fads do, or will it become a "sustainable art form."

Bought through cryptocurrency in a digital ledger called a blockchain, NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital properties such as jpeg files, GIFs, music, and short videos. The sale of limited NFTs or through auctions recently gained traction in the mainstream. Notable NFT platforms include SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, and Foundation.

During a panel discussion with ArtReview magazine titled, “NFT: A New Revolution or the Emperor’s New Clothes?,” Dubai-based arts writer and editor Rahel Aima said that NFTs open up access not only to who can sell work but also to who is allowed to buy it.
“As an art critic, I tend to think a lot about where the work begins and ends and how much the context informs and functionality completes the work,” Ms. Aima said. “No matter what their material is, artworks aren’t stable. They’re contingent, messy, constantly building and unraveling. And I think this applies to digital works too. What an NFT does is to point to a single iteration of a work and freeze it forever in time.”

Story at Business World / MSN News

Batman Pattison film is getting reshoots Cinemablend

More on The Batman movie log page

lack widow Ticket Now

Predictions that Black Widow could open with a $90 million weekend debut

If it does, that might herald a return to "normalcy." If Scarjo/B-widow can bank that much boxoffice right out of the box, it might mean these hoped-for-Hollywood-projections can come true, and Covid didn't kill "Hollywood forever"– story at comicbookmovie

"Are blockbusters coming back? Here comes another Fast and Furious movie" – MSN News

Artist Ian Kennedy keeps right on drawing comics at age 88 – SundayPost

Papa Guinea, The Phantom, and Australia –

Lego Batman II is stuck due to property rights – Gamespot

Superman and gourmet MangaJapan Today

Godzilla vs King Kong turned over $100 million in domestic box office – MSN News

King Kong vs Godzilla is now set for March

Wow, pow, zap

This is one of the few times that cliché comic book related headline is appropriate: the golden age "Promise Collection" goes to auction and has started off with a $7 million dollar debut and is only 181 copies into the 5,000 collection of titles

Story at Artdaily

How Chicago is a central hub of importance in comics and cartooning

Story about this museum exhibit this at Sun Times

DC is promoting a new magazine format "DC Connect" to announce titles – see info online at DC Comics

The long "dark" version of Batman Forever is being brought up again as a fan pressure project. Can fans make Warner Bros pay attention to their wants? – Newsweek

Spidey IV details Dailymotion

"Val Kilmer's Batman film anniversary"Wegotthiscovered

Israel comics convention coming

Story at Jerusalem Post

Deep, intensive review of the Justice League comics and the Snyder movie

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