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May 3, 2021

The big plans for Captain Marvel

Disney and Marvel have a wish list at MSN News

Fortnite earned $9bn in two years - with 80m monthly users in June 2020.Eurogamer

Controversy of Warner releasing 4K HD Blu Ray of the Joss Whedon 2017 Justice League

Justice League

Is it bait-and-switch? Is it sabotage? Is it bad, bad timing? Is it just an easy cash run?

More on the Joss Whedon 4K Justice League


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Artist John Paul Leon has died

John Paul Leon, a beloved comic artist known for his work on titles like Static, Earth X, and Batman: Creature of the Night, has passed away at the age of 49.

Obit at Comicbook

Morbius gets another delay

Moved another week back - Updated 2021 Movie release list

Marvel finishes titling Black Panther II (It is now Wakanda Forever) and Captain Marvel II is now The Marvels

Story at Hollywood Reporter

The coming comic book movie slate

The Tim Burton 1989 Wayne Manor is in The Flash movie

Story at Monsters and Critics

Manga adaptation Demon Slayer is at top of the box office

Story at People Magazine

Composer Danny Elfman talks about what wasn't done right with his score for the 1989 Batman film

Story at MSN News

Manga sales are "exploding" - Comicbook

List of cancelled 2020 Marvel titles

Story at Newsarama Gamesradar

The Marvel, Penguin Random House Publishing "Comics Distribution Pact"

Story at Publishers Weekly

Free Comic Book Day returns

Story at Times News

More Batmobiles of America

Story and photos at Sun Journal

List of Marvel Comics for Free Comic Book Day

Story and some images at Flickering Myth


This real-life, full-size New Batman Adventures’ Batmobile is tricked out with rocket launchers, machine guns, the requisite afterburners, and pretty snazzy light effects, including a pair of infinity taillights."

Story at Mike Shouts

National Superhero Day

April 28 is National Superhero Day. We’re celebrating all superheroes, including police, firefighters, military, medical professionals, and, of course, the comic book superheroes.

Story at WPDE

Story also at MSN News

China is "global box office champ" now

For a direct and more recent comparison of Hollywood's woes and China's rise, one need only look at the recent opening of Warner Bros.' Godzilla vs. Kong. The monster-movie smackdown earned a considerably robust, COVID-era record $48.5 million at American theaters during its first five days after opening on March 31. So far, it's made roughly $86.6 million in U.S. theaters, though viewership figures haven't been disclosed from HBO Max, where it is simultaneously streaming. Over in China, though, where most theaters currently operate with a 75-percent seating capacity, the film opened on March 26 and brought in $70 million in its first weekend alone. The movie has made $183 million in China to date...

Story at Newsweek - MSN

King Kong vs Godzilla is now set for March

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