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April 20, 2021

Controversy of Warner releasing 4K HD Blu Ray of the Joss Whedon 2017 Justice League in the wake of success of the 2021 Snyder Cut

Is it bait-and-switch? Is it sabotage? Is it bad, bad timing? Is it just an easy cash run?

The promo short on Youtube for the "Josstice League" version of the 2017 film coming out on 4K Blu Ray has 98,000 downvotes (versus 4.3 thousand upvotes).

Detractors say this release is more detritus from the ongoing Warner civil-war within the company, with this 4K version of the 2017 film meant to bleed off enthusiasm (and money) for the eventual release to home video of the Snyder Cut version. These actions are seen as part of an overall campaign to squash fans pushing for a revival of the "Snyderverse" cinematic film series versus the newer plans of Warner's executives to move past the Snyder version into their latest versions of the DC heroes on film.

The usual explanation for all this that I hear and read is that ATT&T executives (who have had leadership over Warner since buying them out in 2016) will make decisions to satisfy fans (and make money) versus following some sort of agenda-driven story-telling that flies in the face of what fans actually want. This premise is that Warner executives do not like (on a personal level) the fan base and are hurriedly looking for a new coterie of fans to replace the "toxic" mass of customers they've got. But, the belief is that AT&T will follow the dollar signs and respond to fan input (and the proof for this is that the Snyder Cut ever got made).

None of this sounds like a business plan that anyone would logically construct in order to make money and get satisfied customers to line up again and again for the next iteration of a "intellectual property", but this mess does indicate how alienated the DC Comics' fan base has gotten from the leadership that is trying to lead it.

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