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February 24, 2021

The Frog Brothers and Batman #14

Article about the vampire-hunting kids from The Lost Boys at denofgeek

Comic book store saved

Story at KHOU

The endless preliminary media boosting of the Snyder Cut

Justice League: The Shocking, Exhilarating, Heartbreaking True Story of #TheSnyderCut - A demoralizing battle with Warner Bros. A devastating personal tragedy. A fan base he couldn’t control. Zack Snyder tells V.F. why he quit Justice League, and why he’s returned to complete a cut that’s reached near-mythical status"

The pandemic lockdowns has resulted in a bizarre Hollywood situation: the major film the media is touting so hard was released years ago and has been recut, but compared to no new films being released, that's a big deal. Article about Zack Snyder at Vanity Fair

Bats Lois

Things that didn't happen: Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane love story in Justice League movie

Story at - Movie Web

Amazon Rush Comic Book

No Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern for Snyder Justice League

Story at Hollywood Reporter

Spider-Man 2021

All the new Spider-Man comics, graphic novels, collections from Marvel arriving in 2021 and beyond

List at Games Radar

Elizabeth Olsen could be getting a solo Wandavision movie

Story at Giant Freakin Robot

Lucky Luke updates to 21st century

Lucky Luke, the Comic Book Cowboy, Discovers Race, Belatedly. For the first time in the Franco-Belgian comic book classic, Black characters have full-fledged roles and are drawn without the racist depictions that marred the genre."

Story at NY Times

New Ms. Marvel Costume

Image is so blurry I can't tell what it is, but maybe you can do better at Comic Book

Gal Gadot WW 1983

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