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February 21, 2021

Top Ten DC Comics Bestseller List at Bleeding Cool

Batman Catwoman #3, King In Black #4, Future State: Next Batman #4 - among others in list.

Superheroes lead sales increases

Profile of Northampton County, Pennsylvania comic book store.

I truly feel for all of the businesses that have suffered and continue to suffer during this pandemic, but honestly, it was like Christmas for us, literally," Hohn said. "Our online sales for March and April were identical to our sales in November and December. That’s what kept us alive — our online sales. They just went through the roof."

Story at


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Justice League #59 variant covers feature Snyder Cut Justice League - Gamesradar

Superman & Lois show shoots for a Batman Crossover - Comicbook
Amazon Rush Comic Book

Joss-tice League Vs The Snyder Cut: What Are The Differences - dkoding

Dynamite Hires DC's Jim Sokolowski and Diamond's Nick Pentz - Bleeding Cool

As DC thins out, other comic book businesses have a shot at hiring experienced pros.

Spawn titles now spawn four new Spawn titles

"Todd McFarlane expands Spawn comic book with four new ongoing titles" - story at Gamesradar

"Todd McFarlane is attempting to create a new interconnected comic book universe" - Techaeris

Nerdrotic critique of the latest revamped Batwoman show episode, listing many incongruities, to put it mildly.

Casting the The Batman HBO series spinoff show

info at Comic Book Movie

Marvel covers theme: The Predator vs the MCU

Story at CBR

New covid problems for The Batman movie production

Story at MSN News

Comic book art charity auction

Story at Games Radar

Detective Chinatown 3 beats Avengers Endgame record in China

Story at Digital Spy

Premiere of Superman and Lois show

Review at MSN News

Gina Carano role in Mandalarian being recast for toy-merchandising and story reasons

Story at CBR

Continuing the stories of Batman 1989 and Superman 1978 into the comic book pages

Story at Movie Web

Ray Fisher in news on Joss Whedon abuses on Justice League set and the Hamada connection

Story at Deadline

Sounds like DC Comics is fighting for its life

Rumours, rumours, rumours... story at Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool has heard repeated reports that DC Comics is planning to reduce serialised print publication, increase digital publication, and license comic book publication to other publishers. We have heard that Marvel, IDW and Dynamite have all approached DC, but the prices cited were too high. But that it was a price that Penguin Random House was willing to pay.

But this is still all rumour and hearsay.

Heroes Reborn 2021 is as close to Marvel vs DC 2021 as we're going to get By George Marston 4 days ago ...are they secretly also celebrating a little bit of DC? - Games Radar

HBO Max streaming The Batman 2004 animation series - The HD Room

Have super-fans ruined the new Spider-Man movie - MSN News

New Boba Fett comic? - Story at Bleeding Cool

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