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February 9, 2021

The MCU and the Logan / mutant connection

Story at Movieweb

Vanity Fair has photos of Jared Leto's Joker for Zack Snyder's version of Snyder's Justice League Snyder Cut.

In two exclusive images, the villain is more of a walking nightmare than the tattooed crime-lord Leto played before.

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Graphic novel sales have increased 100%

Numbers at Bleeding Cool which is an article discussing this other article at Publishers Weekly

The future of the X-Men at Marvel

Interview with editor Jordan White at Newsarama


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Black-suit Superman clip

Brief video clip of Jeremy Irons (Alfred) and Supers meeting at MSN News

Continued question of whether Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are in new Spider-Man

Tom Holland and speculations at Uproxx

"This horrible 1986 film by George Lucas is why we have Pixar's 'Toy Story' – 'Howard the Duck' may be hard to watch, but it's important" - Story at SF Gate

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Official Trailer

Batwing '89 Lego

Story and image at The Brick Fan

Amazon - Batman 1989 Batwing 76161 Displayable Model with a Buildable Vehicle and Collectible Figures: Batman, The Joker – Mime Version and Lawrence The Boombox Goon, New 2021 (2,363 Pieces)

Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond - AMAZON

Batman Future State and "a step forward for diversity "

Story and mostly video news about this at Global News

And related, issue #3 of Future State Batman is bestselling titles - story at Bleeding Cool

Amazon June 2021 – Future State: The Next Batman -368 pages

Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond - AMAZON

Batman in line

atman in Line at Store

Shopping at the local discount mega store.

Twenty year anniversary of "Word Balloons" column

A survey of comic book history highlights over the past decades done in a succinct manner, from the 20-year anniversary column by writer Matthew Price.

...Comics have grown in the bookstore market over the past two decades, and it remains a point of emphasis in 2021. Over the past two decades, there’s been a strong growth in longer-form comics for children and teens... Comics’ influence in other fields has grown, as well. In the movie industry, comic-book films have become regular blockbusters. In 2001, comic-book movies weren't seen as sure hits; in fact, 1997’s “Batman and Robin” had seemed to sink the entire idea of big-budget comic films. The success of Marvel’s “Blade” and first “X-Men” film hinted at what was to come....

Story at Oklahoman

"Reconceptualization of the comics form"

Bad Idea Comics To Launch Not-First-Printing Variants - story at Bleeding Cool

"Nightmare Batman" return in the Snyder Cut

More Justice League news at Movieweb

Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman

Michelle Pfeiffer could be Catwoman again - 'If Asked'

Story at TooFab

"Unmasking the invisible men of the comic book world" – Short review of the book "The Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books" at Click on Detroit

More episodes for Superman and Lois

Story at Deadline

‘Superman and Lois’ Looks Like It’ll Repeat the Mistakes of Other Arrowverse Shows - Cheatsheet

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Sold Through 4.1 Million Copies In 2020 - Story at

BRZRKR #1 has now outsold 'Crossover'

If the grapevines are to be believed, BRZRKR #1 will head to Final Order Cut-off (FOC) this weekend as it is set to be published next month. However, as per a recent report by Bleeding Cool, the highly-anticipated first series of BRZRKR has already sold more than an astonishing 150,000 copies so far in pre-order.

Story at Republic World

Leto Joker is back

New info about Zack Snyder's Snyder cut of of the Snyder version of Snyder's Justice League - image and story at CBR

Snyder cut rated-R for violence and because Batman uses the F-Bomb - story at Movieweb

HBO Max will broadcast it on Thursday, March 18

Nicolas Cage’s Canceled Superman Movie Was a Precursor to the Franchise’s Struggles on the Big Screen - Story at Cheatsheet

Batman: How Gotham Helped Bruce Wayne Fake His Future State Death - Story at CBR

Fake Bruce Wayne deaths have been in past issues how many times?

Comic artist whose comic was plagiarized for short film, plagiarized comic from another comic artist and tried to weasel out by photoshopping evidence that his was first. This headline is wholly original

" - Fark

Twitter fark link at Twitter

Super Soldier: DC Comics picks Army musician as new Superman writer - Story at

What Justice League comics to read after seeing the Snyder version of the Snyder Cut of the Snyder Justice League movie - Kotaku

European cartooning troubles

Why France’s Struggling Comic Book Authors May Boycott 2021 Angoulême Festival

In a letter published last week by the comic book creators association known as the Auteurs et Autrices en Action (AAA), the group is asking for a larger share of the revenue from comic book sales, known in France as bande dessinée. If not, they will refuse to participate in the 3-day festival that was moved from its traditional January dates to late June.
The AAA is asking the government to play a stronger role in redistributing income from comic sales because only the authors of the very biggest selling titles can make a living.

Story at Forbes Magazine

Jeffrey Wright as Batman

Multi-episode Batman: The Audio Adventures coming to HBO Max. Story at Uproxx

Black Lightning joins Signal to form a brand-new dynamic duo – Story at CBR
Amazon Rush Comic Book
Avengers fruit flavored snacks

Black suit Superman toys for Snyder's Justice League

Story at Comic Book Movie

John Carpenter vs the world:

John Carpenter: ‘Come on guys, there are no lizard people! These theories are just foolishness’

Story at Independent UK

Debut of DC Comics' title Batman and Robin and Howard

DC continues to expand its line of middle grade graphic novel offerings with the announcement of Batman and Robin and Howard, a new title due this fall from cartoonist and creator of the acclaimed Darth Vader and Son series, Jeffrey Brown.

Story at MSN News

Kelloggs Spider-Man
Batman: The Long Halloween animated film is getting a PG13 rating.
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