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March 1, 2021

The Ta-Nehisi Coastes Superman

The problem with this article at Indiewire, as is with all the other articles celebrating the coming Ta-Nehisi Coastes Superman version, is that there's nothing except the announcement to celebrate, no actual work is out to review.

There is a lot of excitement for how Coates will deliver a Black take on Clark Kent. However, for many Black people still reeling from the loss of Boseman and having waited so long to see a glimpse of ourselves in these powerful figures, the move does seem a bit gratuitous — and Fisher hasn’t been afraid to call out Warner Bros. as a result."

The connection made in the article is interesting, which could be that a "Black Superman" media splash could be a way to push the news about Ray Fisher's troubles with Warners' to the side. That doesn't tell us anything about Ta-Nehisi Coastes work, only what the media strategy at Warners might be.

Quote above from "Black Superhero Movies Need a Savior, but Superman Requires a Fresh Take — Analysis" – story at MSN/Indiewire

Related: "Justice League's Story 'Turns On' Cyborg, Promises Zack Snyder – Zack Snyder says Cyborg's story is vital to the plot of his cut of Justice League, coming this month to HBO Max." - CBR

Campaign to get more Batman Beyond episodes

Led by the director - story at Wegotthiscovered


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

"Today's comic book artists honor the greats by using their art supplies" – MSN News

Story on how art equipment gets passed down through the generations.

"3 Marvel/DC Comics From 2020 That Were Pulped But Never Sold"

I think the headline means "pulped before being sold, never making it to the stands." Story at Bleeding Cool

Forbes: Batman Superman failures vs Wonder Woman and Aquaman successes

"Superman hasn't had a hit movie in 40 years" says writer Scott Mendelson

What's the Forbes writer really saying?

More Supermans Failures

Star Trek franchising isolating to Paramount-Plus

Story at Hollywood Reporter

The Linearverse at DC and the impact of Wandavision

"In DC's new Linearverse, the Batman from '40s, '70s, '90s, and 2021 are all the same guy... a new way to look at the publisher's 82-year-old history"

This makes me think: continuity was a burden so it was abandoned for multiverse story lines, and that became a burden, so now whats happening?

Article at Games Radar

"Fortnite Batman Comic Doesn’t Confirm DC Crossover Season"Heavy

Video Rental end-of-the-line

Last video rental chain business shuts down - end of an era at Newsweek

The closure will put about 5,000 Family Video employees out of work, mostly in small and rural towns .....[Keith Hoogland, the company's president] ... Hoogland kept Family Video alive long after nearly every Blockbuster closed.

....Family Video stopped renting movies in January and has since been working on selling off their inventory. In the wake of the closure, Hoogland's gotten to see how much the company meant to the communities it served. Thousands of people begged the video rental chain to stay open and employees who haven't worked for the company in 15 years have called to say how much they loved working at Family Video.

Ta-Nehisi Coates to write Superman film

Warner Bros. is rebooting Superman with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and producer J.J. Abrams.

Story at Hollywood Reporter/MSN

Side article: "Superman Reboot News Has Henry Cavill Fans Bummed Out"Movie Web

Another side article: "Superman Film Reboot Reportedly Built Around a Black Man of Steel"CBR

Who Was the FIRST Black Superman? - CBR

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Well, this doesn't look like a typical puff piece at all

"The Rise and Fall of Joss Whedon, and the Myth of the Hollywood Feminist Hero"

"...Whedon benefitted from one of the oldest, most sexist stereotypes: the man who’s a benevolent, creative genius."

Story at Jezebel

Batman / Fortnite crossover - Games Radar – and at MSN News

If you've been waiting for a Blue Beetle movie, your time is at hand

To be directed by Angel Manuel Soto. Story at The Wrap

Chris Nolan doing James Bond next?

Story at Entertainment IE

"An expert's guide to collecting comic book art" - MSN News

Driven by Demon Slayers gigantic sales, Japanese comic market getting bigger

And it was already big. Story at Japan Times

Online auction features Rare Marvel Silver Surfer and Fantasic Four comics - Chronicle Live

"Michelle Pfeiffer leaves fans open-mouthed with incredible whip skills in behind-the-scenes Catwoman clip" - UK The Sun

Roy Thomas defends Stan Lee

Something like 95 percent of the time, Abraham Riesman's True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee is a very good biography. However, the remaining (and crucial) 5 percent of its content, scattered amid all that painstaking research and well-written prose, renders it often untrustworthy… i.e., a very bad biography.

Thomas tears into True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee and disputes a number of aspects: more Roy Thomas defends Stan Lee

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