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Science: what car did Calvin's Dad drive in the comic strip?

Revealed analysis at Jalopnik

Archie title stops publication

Archie stops publication

First time in 78 years - apparently as a result of the pandemic - story at Comic Book

The last issue at the Archie Comics site though it is assumed future issues will be coming, eventually.

More Archie

Some of these outfits that pop band ABBA wore are 70's grade superhero suits (in a way)

Abba Agnetha

This drawing is not entirely accurate to the Abba glamour milieu.

More about Abba and their glam era suits

September 8, 2020

Comic books cashing in on crowd-funding platforms

Story at Chicago Tribune related: Keannu Reeves Brzrkr

Comic book sales driven up by pandemic

Or so says Yahoo News

Escapism driving comic book sales

So says comic book store Atlanta Galactic Quest manager at 11alive

Supposition for The Batman film: Court of Owls storyline

Story at We Got It Covered

Marvel doesn't need no "fandome"

Story at Cheatsheet

September 7, 2020

Fans demands: Cavill back into the supersuit

Story at We Got This Covered about fans demanding Henry Cavill return as Superman.

Just Us League of America

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