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Chris Nolan's Batman Begins fifteen year anniversary

Batman Begins

More about Nolan's Batman Begin 2005

Denny O'Neil has died

Longtime comics writer, credited with reviving Batman (with Neal Adams) after the tepid indirection following the end of the Adam West TV show era. O'Neil was also instrumental in editing and writing at DC Comics and Marvel, starting his career under Stan Lee.

DC Comics news release about O'Neil's passing

Some obits:


Hollywood Reporter


NY Post

San Diego "virtual con"

San Diego Comic-Con has announced their plans for this summer’s Comic-Con@Home taking place July 22-26, 2020 and the big news is that it’s free for everyone with no limits on how many can attend. If you’ve ever been to San Diego Comic-Con, you know it’s always a challenge to attend the more popular panels, with thousands camping outside overnight to ensure they’ll get a seat inside. However, that won’t be an issue this year since the entire con will be taking place online."

Story at collider

New Batman animated movie features martial arts

Story at wegotthiscovered

"Sociopathic" condemnation of DC Comics actions

Quotes Eric Stephenson, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics.

Story at Bleeding Cool

DC Daily news is kaput

“After more than 400 episodes, DC Daily will air its final broadcast on Friday, July 3. This year has brought more challenges than the show could overcome. We thank all the fans and talent and hosts for bringing this show to life. It’s been a fun ride.”

Story at JOBLO

DC Comics may be on the precipice of a major plunge into digital comics

Story at Bleeding Cool

Marvel's Free Comic Book Day books are coming in July

Story at Hollywood Reporter

Comic book selling via social media takes off

While comic books have always been rife with opportunities for niche businesses, they've been experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to the pop culture boom of superhero movies and TV more recently... 'even in a downturn, comics tend to be recession-proof," Marlin recalls. "If anything, I think in times of uncertainty, people tend to turn to their hobbies even more. Maybe it's partly the extra time or the anxiety. I'm just a small part of that ecosystem."

Story at WBUR org

86 years Ago

Donald Duck 1935 Whitman Comics Cover

June 9, 1934: Donald Duck makes his screen debut (illustration above, 1935 Whitman comic book cover).

Dead Batman tale

A Joker tale set post-the-death-of-Batman in 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular.

Story at Hollywood Reporter

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Coming movie sequel list for 2021

Now that the economy is getting out of a medically induced coma due to coronavirus protections, film producitons and schedules are starting to get going again, with release dates for 2021 starting to gel:

Matrix 4 – May 21

Venom 2 – June 25

Spider-Man 3 – November 5

Fantastic Beasts 3 – November 12

Mission Impossible 7 – November 19

Avatar 2 – December 17

Sherlock Holmes 3 – December 22

Article at Cheatsheet

DC Comics backlash!

Mile High Comics launches 50% off "DC Comics Suck" sale on account of Diamond Distributors getting kicked to the curb by DC (who is now committed to new distribution channels through Penguin Random House, Lunar comic book distributors or UCS comic book distributors.)

Story Bleeding Cool


Disney and Sony back at the table trying to work out a Spider-Man deal

So says

Film productions about to restart?

List of movies to get back to filming at theWrap

WB has a free one-hour Batmobile documentary online

Article about the documentary at Zig Wheels

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