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New Black Widow release date shakes up Marvel movie schedule

Sounds like it shakes up the multi-movie story line too. Story at Movie Web

The health risks comic book artists experience

Comic book artists are under pressure to hit their deadlines, but, more importantly, know that whenever they’re not drawing, they’re not earning. They have to produce enough art to make a living off of meager page rates, chaining them to the drawing board. Working such long hours can prove detrimental and even dangerous to artists’ health and personal well-being, but is often a necessity for a career in comics.

The article compares drawing comic books to working in the video gaming industry and how unrealistic dadlines drive long hours in an area of work dominated by freelancers.

"Nearly every comic book creator is a freelancer, which means they’re paid for the work they complete, not how long it takes them to finish it. Due to how low page rates are for the amount of time and energy artists put into their work, the economic conditions of the profession are often brutal. Despite the vast amount of skill required to illustrate comics, drawing them is less profitable than most other forms of commercial art."

Much of the article (containing a survey of attitudes from many people in the industry) focuses on page rates, which have not changed much in the last twenty years as sales of books overall has decreased, but the demand on the comic book artists has stayed the same.

Story at The Beat

Bat Signal Pen

Quentin Tarantino wanted to make a Luke Cage movie

Article at Bleeding Kool talks about the casting, circa 1993, when Tarantino had the idea, with Laurence Fishbourne vs Wesley Snipes for the lead. But you know who should be cast as Luke Cage? Nicolas Cage... because, if you take a moment to look into Nicolas Coppola you discover that...

Batman Impersonators

Some comic book companies releasing their Wednesday output via digital on Comixology

Story at Graphic Policy

The connections between the Morbius movie set and the Venom movie

Story at Comic Book

For and against "floppies"

For and Against Floppies may be the time for publishers to reevaluate the floppy model. It’s becoming clearer by the moment that the standard method of publishing isn’t cutting it anymore. Publishers need to explore new ideas to get books into new readers' hands, which may mean broadening how they think about comics -- and breaking into the book market with graphic novels and trades.

"Breaking into the book market" has already happened. Frequently, the shelves of a Barnes and Noble has a larger selection of new trade books than a small comic book specialty store does.

The future has to be a hybrid digital/dead tree one, since both contain audiences, and ignoring any audience is self-defeating in a niche field like comic books

More For and Against Floppies

DC Comics Homeschool

Teaching kids with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. DC Streaming service profiled at Vanity Fair

[The DC Online Service is here]

Comic Books the Pandemic

DC / Marvel crossover scheme continues to percolate

Story at Movie Web

The "dream" of a DC/Marvel crossover

Smiling Superheroes


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

New Batman game "could be bigger than Arkham"

I take it they don't mean the memory requirements. Maybe they mean Batman will be taller. No, I don't think that's it. Story at wegotthiscovered

New comic strip episode of Nancy reveals why she (and Sluggo) don't age ... she is a daywalking vampire

I wish Ernie Bushmiller could render an opinion on this startling new direction. He might like the humor of it.

See the strip at Go Comics

The pandemic vs Bloodshot, and Bloodshot has lost

Story at webindia123

Comic Books the Pandemic

Marvel is providing free digital content - - at

Michael Caine: Batman Begins was one of my best films

Nolan, who has put Caine in each of his films ever since the two got together on the sets of Batman Begins. There have even been jokes about Caine having become a necessity for a Nolan film to be successful, so much so that the actor was roped in simply to provide a voice-over for Dunkirk, and received a billing in the credit title for the effort.


Story at Movie Web

Scarlett Johansson describes Black Widow as a "family drama"

Story at MSN News

Meanwhile, with the due date on Black Widow up in the air, the film itself is still being tinkered with, for example "a new report indicates that composer Alexandre Desplat has been replaced as composer by Lorne Balfe" - Cinema Blend

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Irony, thy name is too-many-comics

It wasn't too long ago (see this article at Newsarama) that the complaint was that there was too much comic book product going to stores. Well, that problem certainly has gone away!

Batsuit time capsule

Christian Bale in the Kilmer suit, the Catwoman - Anne Hathaway screen test, etc at IGN

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Wonder Woman Cosplay

Art by Elmore, inks by McCave, colors by Zombie President

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