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March 2024

VeVe is publishing Marvel digital comics and NFTsComicsbeat

Like pogs,, and linear TV before them, NFTs aren’t quite as peppy as they once were. But they are still around – because the blockchain is forever, after all.


Transformers tops Bleeding Cool comics' Bestseller listBleeding Cool

Disney junks another film projectUK Sun

"Don't look for treasure at Disney"Bezinga

Actor Nicolas Cage said in a recent interview that there is not going to be a "National Treasure 3" movie, potentially ending the action film franchise..."

Not this again

"DC Just Killed Superman by Horrifically Reversing His Heat Vision"Screenrant

DC's June release listComicsbeat

A super-rare copy of Action Comics #1 going to auctionMSN Robb Report

A comic containing Superman's origin story is about to achieve a truly heroic sum at auction. The ultra-rare June 1938 copy of Action Comics No. 1, which is up for grabs at Heritage Auctions, could become the most valuable comic book to ever come under the hammer. One of only four pedigreed copies-and the highest-graded, with a CGC Very Fine+ 8.5-the comic has already reached bids of $3.5 million, with 20 days on the sale remaining. (A coveted 1939 copy of Superman No. 1 currently ranks as the most expensive comic of all time, after realizing $5.3 million at a private sale in 2022."

The CGC 8.5 Action Comics #1 (currently bidded up to $3.7 million with 19 days left) at Heritage

Also, here's a CG C 8.0 copy of Action Comics #1 at Heritage

Natasha Lyonne as the New Batman?Uproxx

Natasha Lyonne Batman

Jerry Ordway

Marvel releases history-making Endometriosis comicScreen Rant MSN

The claim is that this is:

...handles the topic with remarkable sensitivity and empathy, creating a book that is both entertaining and educational."

Batman and the OscarsHollywood Reporter

The Belgium Football Association uses Tintin as model for new uniformSomething

The latest issue of Commando Tales, the super-long-running British WW2 comic Downthetubes

I used to buy these in translation in Greece in the 1970s, they were very popular.

Following the death of creator Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball Z manga sales have had massive sales boostComicbook

Can of Spaghettios with Spider-Man

The Batman 2 with Pattison now moved from a 2025 release to 2026UBJ

Does this actually mean they're just not going to make the film unless the superrhero genre revives?

Rippaverse comic book company pre-order on Yaira #1 clears $1,090,823 millionRippaverse

The DC comic book characters that have disappearedGamerant MSN

The "all-time best selling comics"MSN Screenrant

The list concentrates only on the recent decades and doesn't pay any attention to the massive sales during comics "golden era" when popular titles easily sold in the millions and would get cancelled for merely selling in the low hundred-thousands.

The highest-selling comic book issue of all time is 1991’s X-Men #1 by the legendary Chris Claremont and Jim Lee... this issue would remain a timeless classic as the beginning of the end for Chris Claremont’s 16-year career on the X-Men series. Selling more than 8 million copies, the two X-Men teams battling Magneto and the Acolytes is a huge “Thank you” for X-Men fans


The huge impact AI art is already having inside the comic book industryMSN Geekwire – From a panel discussion at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle

Batman Red Bed Sheets – Amazon - Fitted Queen Size Sheet Set - Black Red Bedding Set 3 Piece with 1 Deep Pocket and 2 Pillowcases

TidalWave Comics "hit" comic book about Kansas City Chiefs football player Travis KelceMSN Kansas City News

Barnes and Noble expanding stores again?MSN Fortune Magazine

Madame Web at $92,394,699 for global box-office – Source: The-Numbers

The reported production budget on Madame Web is $80 million.

50th Birthday of the direct market style of comic book retailingPublishers Weekly

The industry has evolved as it’s grown in the intervening decades, leveling up even as it has faced diverse challenges. Diamond Comics Distributors, founded in 1982, became the sole major distributor to the direct market in 1996 and a unifying force of sorts for the next 25 years. In 2024, there are now three dominant players, with the addition of Lunar Distribution and Penguin Random House. Toggling between the three distributors has made stocking complicated, and that in turn has spurred retailers to tackle a long-standing fundamental problem: the inconsistency of comics metadata."

4,200 piece Batman Lego set going for $300.00USA Today

Ultimate X-Men "more horror comic than superhero" Yahoo

Getting ready for The Batman 2 means no pizzaDesimartini

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz getting back into shape for shooting the sequel.

Scout Comics takes on partner and plans relaunchComicsbeat – and related: the problem at Scout Comics for creatives at Bleeding Cool

Chris Claremont writing X-Men again for issue #700Yahoo

Dakota Johnson two week press tour to boost Madame WebBustle

Yeah. I had the LA premiere for Madame Web and then went to Mexico City. I had pneumonia and was on steroids and the nebulizer and doing all these little things, and I was really, really sick and felt horrible. I looked horrible. I was like, Ugh. And then the movie came out and it was… [Pauses.] Like, I can’t take any of it seriously at all."

Zack Snyder claim about MPA board wanting to give Batman V Superman an R RatingBoundingintocomics

Dakota Johnson : I never want to make a film like Madame Web again Total Film

The easiest way to understand that remark would be to say, yes, who wants to make a bomb? But elsewhere Johnson has complained that during the making of the much maligned Madame Web she saw creative decisions were being made by committee and the executives in production were trumping the actual filmmakers, that the film was being made by "algorithms."

More Madame Web, 2024

Chris Evans: Superhero movies aren't easy to make and deserve more creditIndie Wire MSN

Bob Iger says Disney is axing more projectsLooper MSN

"You have to kill things you no longer believe in..."

Dune 2 rules weekend Box Office with big earningsVariety

The big-budget sequel has collected a bigger-than-expected $82.5 million in North America and $182.5 million globally in its first weekend of release."

The status of superhero movies according to The Batman star Paul DanoMSN Clutch Points

John Oliver suggests "Russian Doll" star for the next BatmanDeadline

A new Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie?Digital Spy MSN

Bald Lex Luthor HeadMSN Cinemablend

Production on James Gunn’s upcoming DC movie Superman is officially underway, and coincidentally kicked off on Supes’ very own birthday.

Spider-Man vs Superman is coming back into printCNN News

You may think that Superman’s greatest rival is Lex Luthor – but, in the past, sometimes it’s been Spider-Man. The heroes were created decades ago by competing comic-book companies: DC, founded in 1934, and upstart Marvel, founded in 1939. Since then, the Big Two of comics have captivated fans with their superhero worlds: Batman and Wonder Woman on one side, The X-Men and Iron Man on the other.

The DC vs Marvel Omnibus - Amazon Pre-Order

Free Comic Book Day 2024Chattanooga Pulse

85,000 expected for Seattle Emerald City Comic Con Forbes

Interview with Chad Hardin about his new art book

Story at Comicsbeat

Comic book store in Las Vegas struck by robbers twice in three weeks

LVMPD Sheriff Kevin McMahill says he was told by major chains that retail theft in Southern Nevada is worse than in the San Francisco Bay Area. The owner of the heavily damaged comic book shop says the trend has him trapped in a cycle of retail crime."

Story at Fox5 Vegas

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