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April 2024

Profiles in Superhero Licensing

Batman sofa and interior collection setFinancial Times (Photos at their web site)

In the Batman movies, interiors are one way Wayne’s duality is emphasised. The billionaire philanthropist’s mansion and boardroom are refined and luxurious, whereas his alter-ego’s Batcave is a functional, industrial, albeit increasingly high-tech space. The Wayne Enterprises pieces hint at this polarity without spelling it out, says Chiave. The collection’s allusions to Bruce Wayne’s secret life are subtle yet effective. Tall armchairs, which at first glance appear like a spin on the famed 1960s space-age egg chair, also evoke a sleeping bat, hanging upside down, sheathed in its own long, folded wings. A long V-shaped fissure which cuts dramatically through the backrest, when seen from the front, reveals the silhouette of Batman’s horned mask."

Womens Work Out Superhero 2 Piece Batman Wonder Woman Batgirl

Womens Work Out Superhero 2 Piece set - Batman Wonder Woman Batgirl – Amazon

Now at $4.2 million - CGC8.5 copy of Action Comics #1 expected to keep rising to $6 million +

Story at Barrons Magazine

All eyes will be on the nearly pristine, CGC 8.5-rated copy when it goes under the hammer on Tuesday, the opening day of Heritage’s four-day sale, entitled “Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction.” CGC is a leading third-party grading service for pop-culture collectibles."

The CGC 8.5 Action Comics #1 (currently bidded up to $4.2 million) at Heritage

Also, here's a CG C 8.0 copy of Action Comics #1 at Heritage

Batman 85th Birthday in New York City

Story at WPIX News

Not exactly a lot of depth to this news article. Is an AI the author?

The Batman franchise has earned millions of dollars over the years through merchandise and films that seemed to bring Batman to life. There is a Batman Day that is Observed every September. The price may have changed since 1939, but comic books are still popular."

Correction: there's many billions in the Batman franchise, from toys to movies, etc.

In case you were holding your breath: Kristen Stewart says she isn't going to make a superhero filmDeadline

Here comes Portsmouth Comic Con 2024 – Story at Portsmouth News

Chris Weston talks about Time Breakers and Paranoid Gardens comicsDownthetubes

Mike Mignola documentaryYahoo

Notables featured include Guillermo del Toro, Neil Gaiman, Patton Oswalt, Ron Perlman, Victor LaValle, Rebecca Sugar, Chris Roberson, Jorge Gutierrez, Adam Savage, Chris Prynoski, Steve Purcell, and Doug Jones, to name a few."

Finally a comic book that can proudly say "I'm a turkey"

"Staten Island’s infamous, angry turkeys are getting the star treatment in a new comic book"New York Post

...I see 40 marching down my block. . . . They literally control this neighborhood. "They are pretty fearless. They’re in front of my house literally all the time. My kids are scared of ’em," said Hickey, a 40-year-old journalist and professor at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn...."

Controversy around use of AI in DC ComicsBleedingcool

Gwyneth Paltrow on superhero movies: you can only make so many good onesCinema Blend

The article has a lot of celebrity pandering but does showcase Paltrow's relationship with the genre, and how she didn't even know she was in a certain recent Marvel movie.

How the major publishers choose which graphic novels to printDownthetubes

Colin Farrell back in Penguin gear for HBO Max TV series

Story at Hollywood Reporter

Captain America and Black Panther

Promo trailer for video game Marvel 1943 Rise of Hydra - Captain America & Black Panther Game

Two men beat up owner and rob a comic book store in Feasterville, Pennsylvania,Yahoo News

The men acted as if they were customers and asked the store owner to help them get an item from a high shelf. While the owner was on a ladder, one of the men "violently" knocked him off and he fell to the ground, officials said.

"The two males began to beat the victim, then tied him up and held a knife to his face threatening to kill him if he did not cooperate," officials said.

More at Fox 2

Graphic Novel from Luke ArnoldThe Wrap

Actor and writer Luke Arnold, who starred as Long John Silver on Starz series "Black Sails," is launching his first graphic novel, "Essentials." The science-fiction project will be the first from The Lab Press, a new upstart publisher looking to join the comic book world as the format continues to be a popular place for both storytelling and piloting ideas to launch into other media, including TV and film."

"Jake Gyllenhaal Did Try On The Batsuit When He Was Up For Batman, But I Was Shook To Hear He Was Up Against Ewan McGregor And Heath Ledger"Cinema Blend"Gyllenhaal oozed nothing but positivity, good vibes, and dedication to his craft..."

There's a kind of unintended hilarity to celebrity style news articles.

Superman Omnibus Book - Triangle Era

Superman Omnibus Book - Triangle Era - 1384 pages - Amazon

New Goblin coming to Spider-ManYahoo News

Darth is Crying

Are the franchises dying?You Tube Video - The Acolyte Gets Destroyed, Et tu George? X-Men '97 - Nerdrotic Live

  • Nerdrotic (Gary Buechler): Our time has come and gone, Gen Xers. Our beloved franchises have been completely destroyed. And they're not even... nostalgia bait isn't even going to work anymore. It's done. So now it's going to be the next generation. That's fine. That's totally cool. But what a lost opportunity; Disney Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Star Trek. Books will be written "the decade of Hollywood fuck-ups." You couldn't even accidentally get something right.
  • Film Threat (Chris Gore): Now they're talking about doing a reboot of The Neverending Story? Are we scraping the bottom of the barrel? Next might be Krull or Logan's Run. Actually, I'd be okay with that! Or the Black Hole. You know what I mean?
  • Nerdrotic (Gary Buechler): I don't want to see modern Disney's take on The Black Hole!
  • Film Threat (Chris Gore): We're scraping the bottom of the barrel. The franchises are dying. If Lucasfilms/Disney released a Star Wars film now, how well would it do? I think it would do about as well as The Marvels, in terms of performance.

More Are the Franchises Dying? Star Wars

Neil Gaiman sells off private collection for $1 millionArtnet

Novelist and comics creator Neil Gaiman has parted with some of his treasures at Heritage Auctions in a sale that started online and culminated in an in-person appearance at the house’s Dallas headquarters and fetched $1 million, exceeding the house’s expectations. All 125 lots found buyers, and more than 1,200 bidders vied for lots including original comic artwork, signed books, a puppet made for the stop-motion film Coraline, and awards Gaiman has won.

WonderCon back in AnaheimLos Angeles Times

Seattle underground comic book historyGeekwire

Author, journalist, and University of Washington professor Rob Salkowitz moderated a discussion that featured Megan Kelso, a Seattle-based artist; Kelly Froh, cartoonist and co-creator of the Short Run Comix Festival; and Eric Reynolds, co-publisher at the indie comics label Fantagraphics in Georgetown."

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Verdusa Spider Tee

Verdusa Spider Tee – Amazon

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