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October 7, 2022

"Book bannings of today are like the comic book banning of the 1950s"Washington Post - MSN

Book banning is of course like other book-banning, something history is pretty rife with. Although there is a specific angle to the article at the Post concerning bannings being promulgated primarily as an oppression against LGBTQ, the background substance is that expertise is an area where duplicity and fraud can advance private agendas when sanctioned by media powers-that-be.

In 1954, Wertham wrote the surprise bestseller “Seduction of the Innocent,” in which he launched a one-man crusade against the comics industry ...To support ...assertions, “Seduction of the Innocent” purported to quote liberally from Wertham’s patients, including a child who told Wertham that when he grew up “I want to be a sex maniac” and a 12-year-old who reported that “I get sexually excited” when comic book villains tie up and beat women. Perhaps Wertham’s most shocking claims were about comic book stores — “obscure” places “where children congregate, often in backrooms, to read and buy secondhand comic books” — which the psychologist labeled “foci of childhood prostitution.” “Evidently,” Wertham wrote, “comic books prepare the little girls well.”

The panic set off by Wertham’s book crushed entire sectors of the comic book industry. The worst part: The anecdotes in the book weren’t even true.
In 2012, Tilley gained access to Wertham’s long-sealed papers and discovered that the psychologist had taken broad liberties in reporting his interviews with children....

Creators live draw and instruct crowd at NYCCGizmodo

The Baltimore Comic Con returns to the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore October 28-30, 2022.Graphic Policy

Official Comic-con website

Love and Rockets documentaryYahoo

Besides the fantastic art, design, and street-level story-telling, there's something Gasoline Alley-ish in the proceedings:

Love and Rockets’ characters also aged, allowing readers to grow up with the series and watch their beloved heroes go through similar life experiences.

Behold the mainstream greatness of Alan Moore

This probably isn't Moore's fault, but his name was once linked as a innovator of comic books by reputation, but now its turned into Alan Moore, comics sceptic.

"His work defined the medium—Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen—before he abandoned it in frustration. In a rare interview, the author discusses his new collection of fiction, Illuminations, the fate of his work in Hollywood, and how it feels to be misunderstood"GQ Magazine

...Moore will likely always be best remembered for these works, but he has since abandoned comics. Long before superhero stories became the bread and butter of Hollywood, studio executives were exploiting Moore’s writing. The 2001 film of From Hell, starring Johnny Depp, was especially derided, but Moore purists would argue all adaptations of his work—including the critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning Watchmen limited series from HBO, which diverges rather boldly from its source material—are at best reductive misinterpretations and at worst offensively awful. Not only has Moore had nothing to do with these adaptations—he famously hasn’t watched any of them. It’s no wonder, then, that Moore has been a tireless advocate for creators’ rights. After failing to maintain ownership of the characters and stories he created for mainstream comics publishers (predominantly DC) he’s disowned much of his most beloved material.

DC Comics and Bob KaneMSN CBR

This didn't sit well with the editor of the Batman titles at the time, Mort Weisinger, so, as Schwartz detailed to Jon B. Cooke in an excellent interview in TwoMorrows' Alter Ego #51, Weisinger would continually try to call Schwartz to try to get him to admit that he was the reason why Kane's output was now suddenly practically doubled. Schwartz never gave him the time of the day, in great part because he was making out well in this arrangement, even if the arrangement benefited Kane the most ...

Has Disney been caught plagerizing? Stuff NZ

Graphic artist Midankai has called out Disney+ on Twitter, claiming the official Marvel Studios’ Werewolf by Night poster is plagiarised from his own artwork. “I might be crazy but did Marvel just rip me off?” he Tweeted, adding he had designed the artwork for Dutch hardcore band Born From Pain six years earlier.

News stories about George Clooney as Batman will never end: Julia Roberts reveals that "Clooney is saved on her phone contact list as Batman"People Clooney Central

New Batman/Spawn crossoverGizmodo

Horror movie money-making streak continues with Halloween Ends with $41+ million debutVariety

The World's largest Norman Rockwell memorabilia collection coming up to auction

Story at MSN Talker

Auction being held by Hanson Auctioneers

"She Hulk is most MCU thing ever" says VarietyMSN Variety

How Pierce Brosnan blew it when auditioning to play Bruce Wayne for the 1989 movie: he told a superhero underwear jokeIndiewire

Superman sales decline leads to changesDaily Caller MSN

Upcoming Blade movie reboot gets moved from 2023 to 2024Cinemablend

More changes (others listed at the Cinemablend article):

Next Deadpool going from 9/6/24 to 11/8/24

Fantastic Four Marvel-style film moves from 11/8/24 to 2/14/25

Avengers Secret Wars moves from 11/7/25 to 5/1/26

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