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July 25, 2022

Frank Miller's Batman mumbling "we've always been criminals" takes on a whole new twist

Man in Spider-Man suit mugs victim in Hollywood, FloridaMSN News

Officers found the victim's cash inside Payne's Spider-Man wallet, which was inside his backpack, police said."

Hellboy into the Metaverse Deadline

Lionsgate and The Sandbox have formed a partnership to create a film and TV destination in the metaverse, describing it as “part virtual real estate, part amusement park.”

Blockbuster movie box office is returning to pre-pandemic numbersCBS News

New Thor movie at top of the weekend box officeThe Malaysian Reserve

Thor: Love and Thunder", the second major Marvel movie to debut in 2022, topped the North American box office in its first weekend in theatres, bolstering Walt Disney Co’s return to the big screen two years into the Covid-19 pandemic. "Love and Thunder" generated US$144.2 million (RM639.82 million) in ticket sales over the weekend, researcher Comscore Inc said on Monday.

The New Penguin Marvel collection books reviewed by Michael Dirda at Washington Post

July 6, 2022

Dirda is famous in the world of journalism for book reviews, and for essays that survey and evaluate books, new and ancient (example Classics For Pleasure ).

More on the New Penguin Marvel Collection books

Trigger Warning requested for Thor movieYahoo News

Why should it have a trigger warning? Because:

In the film, Jane is revealed to have stage four cancer and, in one scene, is shown having chemotherapy treatment.

The appeal for trigger warnings is in regard to viewers who may have gone through chemo therapy before.

Thor Love and Reviews:

A massive disappointmentDaily Dot

Testing the limits of campChicago Tribune MSN

Disappointingly Shallow Marvel Encore CNET

A Superhero movie that wants to be a Rom-ComLowell Sun

How Taika Waititi ruined the fun himbo AvengerMashable

Marvel remembers its audience are kidsYahoo News

Comic-cons 2022 Friday schedule announcedSan Diego Union Tribune

Captain America 4 will star Anthony Mackie, directed by Julius Onah and no one knows if Chris Evans will appearGizmodo

Halloween is coming, or who knows maybe a possible remake, and so you can now buy the George Clooney "Bat-nipple" suit for $40K or so, or so says Slashfilm via Fark

Is the book-buying spree over?Publishers Weekly

...unit sales of print books retreated in the first half of 2022, dropping 6.6% from 2021 levels. According to NPD BookScan, total first-half print sales were 362.6 million, down from 386.6 million a year ago.

Liam Sharpe's StarhengeSpace Com

Series description reminds me (sllightly) of Bolland's Camelot 3000.

Now this award-winning creator has composed his magnum opus with "Starhenge" (2022), a mind-bending sci-fi odyssey from Image Comics guaranteed to leave your widened eyes glassy and your mind adrift in the immersive plotline. Think "Foundation" meets "Excalibur" and "The Terminator" and you might get close...

Comic Book's "Million Dollar Club" - works by Frazetta, Wirightson, and Mike Zeck, among others

Story at NY Times

TV Show Hulk Ferrigno says modern Marvel stuff lacks somethingWashington Times

Former “Incredible Hulk” actor Lou Ferrigno says he’s ready to smash “all the CGI” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero movies. The retired professional bodybuilder, who starred in CBS’ “The Incredible Hulk” and several made-for-television movies in the 1970s and 1980s, says the more recent “Avengers” and Hulk films are missing some of the human qualities essential to bringing the green-skinned, comic-book character to life.

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