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June 14, 2022

A Pokemon Pikachu Card sold for $840,000 at auctionYahoo

Things that happen in the Gwendolyn-verse: Green Goblin is Hulk now, and you knew they were both green, rightMSN News

"Batman Azteca" animated movie coming from HBO Max Latin America

Story at MSN News

Tim Sale is in the hospital MSN News

...iconic comic book artist probably best known for his Batman comic books with longtime collaborator, Jeph Loeb (particularly the maxiseries, Batman: The Long Halloween), is currently in the hospital dealing with apparently a severe health issue.

The Original MCU Avengers are nearly all goneMSN News

Superman coming back to Action ComicsGames Radar

Garth Ennis launching new work at Enniskillen Comic Fest Belfast Telegraph

Garth Ennis’ comics Preacher and The Boys were turned into TV shows and he has also worked for both Marvel and DC. He will attend the event to launch his new hardcover anthology, Battle-Action, along with artists who worked on it.

Warner/DC's metastasizing Ezra Miller Flash movie problem NY Post

Cash cow will return for further milking

Sony to put Spider-Man No Way Home back into theaters with newly added in footage

Story at Hollywood Reporter

To be called More Fun Stuff Version to come out later in Summer.

Worldwide earnings on Spider-Man No Way Home stand at $1,901,210,881.

DC releasing tie-in to Dwayne Johnson Black Adam filmHollywood Reporter

Disney adding Ms Marvel to theme parksThe Street

Why the bat-nipples appeared in the Joel Shumacher films; costume designer inspired by ancient Roman armorHollywood Reporter

Jose Fernandez ..."It wasn’t fetish to me, it was more informed by Roman armor — like Centurions," he said. "And, in the comic books, the characters always looked like they were naked with spray paint on them — it was all about anatomy, and I like to push anatomy."

Marvel's exclusive book market distributor in 2023 is Penguin Random HouseMSN News

Tim Burton on how the Batman movies faired after he wasn't making them anymore People Magazine

Burton said he fielded complaints about his tone being "too dark" for the Caped Crusader movies. "[Back then] they went the other way. That's the funny thing about it. But then I was like, 'Wait a minute. Okay. Hold on a second here. You complain about me, I'm too weird, I'm too dark, and then you put nipples on the costume? Go f--- yourself.' "Seriously," he added. "So yeah, I think that's why I didn't end up [doing a third film]…."

Let's talk about Spider-Man's body odorRepublicworld

"Simu Liu Opens Up On Shang-Chi & Spider-Man's BO Clash"

The Production Designer on The Batman movie talks about Gotham, Batmobile, etcMSN News

The Joker sequel is officially comingIGN via Fark

A Joker sequel is officially in the works and director Todd Phillips has revealed the title for the sequel will be Joker: Folie à Deux.

Someone put the word out on Ms Marvel TV Show

"Charming and Refreshing"Variety

"Charming and Winsome"MSN Indie Wire

"Has infinite charm"Forbes

"Charming and relatable Teen Comedy"Cleveland

"Charming love letter to fandom"Geektyrant

One Piece going on break, then back for "final saga"Dualshockers

The Comic Book Movies of the 90s Flickering Myth

Why writers are taking over comics from artists Gamesradar

Manga sales continue piling up numbers in the millions of copies sold - Comicbook

...the top five highest-selling manga for the first half of 2022... Jujutsu Kaisen sold around 9.3 million copies of its manga, Tokyo Revengers sold around 7.2 million, Spy x Family sold around 4.8 million, One Piece sold around 4.1 million, and My Hero Academia sold around 2.9 million.

What can Warners/DC do about their "Ezra Miller/Flash" problem? Variety

The article lists out arrests for harassment, disorderly conduct and a traffic violation, mentions a video of Miller (apparently choking a woman outside of a bar) and voices "concern for Miller’s health and well-being."

It’s hardly the kind of attention that a studio wants for the star of a $200 million-budgeted tentpole.

And comic book festivals are backPublishers Weekly

Thus far in 2022, MoCCA in New York, TCAF in Toronto, SPX in Bethesda, Md., CXC, aka Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, in Ohio, have either taken place or announced plans to return. And Seattle's Short Run, dormant since 2019, just announced a return on November 5, with a long-delayed 10th anniversary show.

End of an era: Joe Quesada is exiting Marvel Comics

Celebrity comic books written by celebrities for fans of celebrities WhatCulture

Rosario Dawson, Rashida Jones, Corey Taylor, Penn Jillette, Gerard Waym, Patton Oswalt, Emilia Clarke and Keanu Reeves

Why Todd MacFarlane is comic books"greatest anti-hero"Phoenix New Times

So, is McFarlane a misunderstood genius, or a pompous windbag who's gotten lucky? Well, as it turns out, the truth is a bit harder to discern."

Top Gun 2 conquers at box office: $300,014,980 million start – Numbers at Boxofficemojo

Forty writers on the Flash movie?

That's going to be a long credits crawl

Collector has his comic books stolen, later poses as a buyer to confront the thievesSt Catharines Standard

He asked the seller to bring any comics she had as he was interested in making an offer on multiple books.

...When the woman opened the suitcase, Roma knew instantly the book on the top of the pile was his as it was the one with the specific markings on the cover.
"I asked them, ‘How would you like to handle this?’ and you could see by the expression on their faces they thought they were going to get money."
Instead, he told them he was keeping the books and he was calling police. "They were both shocked and I was shaking, but shaking in anger because I was ready for a duel with the guy if he began any trouble."

The Most Collectible Comic Book Of All Time?NPR

"Weird Al" Yankovic graphic novel/song catelog coming AV Club via Fark

"What the hell is a Superman-Batman fusion" asks MSN News

Gaming and comic book auction includes rarities Express Star

Vintage comics range from original X-Men editions including multiple first appearances by Apocalypse, Kitty Pride and Emma Frost to Spider-man, including The Green Goblin’s last stand, and Avengers comics including first appearances by Falcon and Rogue."

Auction House Website

Superman manga title coming to series end with Batman team-up comicbook

The August DC CoversGamesradar

So, what does a comic book editor even do?Gamesradar

To raise funds for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Heavy Metal offers varied issue bundles at "whatever you can give" price pointsDigital Journal

6.5 CGC copy of Detective Comics #27 goes for $1.7 million – Goldin Auctions

Comic Book artist David Faught has died Yahoo

Marvel's August 2022 coversGamesradar

With 7th season, Riverdale coming to an end on TVYahoo

How Neal Adams and George Perez were the DC Comics "house style"MSN News

Hey, why doesn't DC just make a whole DCU over on HBO Max?Forbes

Chief Executive Officer and president of Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) David Zaslav reportedly wants major changes to the studio’s handling of DC Comics properties, including putting a lot of projects on the chopping block and insisting all DC films be theatrical releases. However, I think there’s a better long-term approach for DC brands. I believe WBD should create a shared DCEU exclusively for HBO Max, and reserve theatrical for team-up “event” films and the biggest character IP, in a way that will catch up to Marvel and generate more revenue in the long run.

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