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September 23, 2021

The 1964 Hobbit Comic Book - Tolkien disliked the Gandolf depicted therein – Story at Cheatsheet

Is the Faith movie from Sony/Valiant no longer happening?Cheatsheet

Can coming films like Venom and No Time to Die boost boxoffice?Variety

And now there's a Batman line of makeup: Catwoman, Harley Quinn Etc.Pink News

Amazon Rush Comic Book

The decline of American Comic Books

"Kelly Sue DeConnick Laments The Abysmal State Of Comics After Telling People Not To Buy Her Books"

Article at Bounding into Comics

When asked why, she responded, “Because stores are closing at a phenomenal rate. Independent comic sales are down. Mainstream comic sales are down except the top three or five books are up. Everything in the mid list is way down.”

Pandemic spurs increase in Comic Book CollectingFOX9

Wayne Family Adventures webtoon gets half-million views on weekend premiereCheatsheet

Is Spider-Man III Venom in Spider-Man Now Way Home? - Yahoo News

The Snyder Cut Justice League tops Bluray salesComicbookmovie

Gal Gadot with Batman head gear for Batman Day at People Magazine


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Third weekend of triumph for Shang-Chi

$6.1 million added to the domestic earnings column. Worldwide earnings now at $320,593,555 million. (Production budget on the film was $200 million)

Story at United Press Int'l

More at Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Ticket sales indicate comic book conventions returning to popularity – WTOL

The Flint, Michigan Spider-ManM Live

DC Comics' media blitz for Batman Day - Cheatsheet and at Benzinga

Counting superhero movie money this weekend

September 17, 2021

Black Widow – Worldwide earnings at $377 million against a production budget of $200 million

Shang-Chi – Worldwide earnings at $273 million against a production budget of $200 million

For comparison sake: F9 at $714,409,845 worldwide earnings

[Sources: TheNumbers and BoxOfficeMojo]

Maybe Bendis is writing Batman soonNewsarama

Marvel Comics list of December releasesGamesradar

Granite State Comicon is on in New HampshireComicon web site

Batman Day: 82 Years of the Dark Knight

Story at MSN News

New photos of Catwoman/Selina Kyle from The BatmanWegotthiscovered

The pic sees Kravitz in her burglary-ready balaclava

Venom/Tom Hardy connection to Spider-Man No Way HomeSports Keeda

More losses for Diamond Distribution: IDW is moving to Random House

Story at MSN News and at Publishers Weekly

Akira on DC Static Shock coverComicbook

Cover to Batman #118 recalls Spider-Man #1 cover by Todd McFarlane

Story at Games Radar

Is an NFT artwork or a meme?Spectator

Ban on Shang-Chi in China?Variety

Superman animated cartoon series 25th anniversaryFlickeringmyth

Bookstores have huge increase in sales for July 2021 vs last yearPublishers Weekly

Yumacon in Yuma, Arizona, Oct 2, 3KYMA

More about Yumacon

The pandemic and superhero movies: what's ahead? Columbia Tribune

Kim Kardashian's MET superhero outfit UK Daily Mail

Reminds CBB of:

Miss Fury Cover issue 7 1945 Fall

Miss Fury, cover issue #7, Fall 1945, cover by Alex Schomburg

Collectible comic books are going into a new "golden age"Antique Trader

The hobby right now is burning hotter than Ghost Rider’s flaming skull on the cover of his debut, Marvel Spotlight #5 — a comic from 1972 that originally cost 20 cents and recently sold at auction for $264,000.

...during the opening session, a CGC Fine+ 6.5 copy of Batman #1 brought $576,000, the highest price ever realized for that historic book in that grade. This has been such a record-shattering year for the Dark Knight that even a CGC Good 2.0 copy of his 1940 solo debut now sells for $222,000, a once unfathomable number.

Nice overview of whats happening right now in collecting with a lot of cover art images, too.

Spidey now the most expensive comic book, beating out Bats and SupersCheatsheet

HBO Max cartoon Harley Quinn show gets a third seasonCheatsheet

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