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September 10, 2021

Ben Reilly is Spider-Man now with relaunch Amazing Spider-Man #75Comicbookmovie

Creators Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, Zeb Wells, and Kelly Thompson are teaming up on the thrice-monthly title to shake up the Spider-Man status quo with the return of Peter Parker’s fan-favourite clone, Ben Reilly. Backed by the Beyond Corporation, Ben Reilly is more than ready to take over and be the best Spider-Man there ever was.

DC and Marvel tell artists no more NFT sales for now

September 10, 2021: The "Big Two" put the kabosh on artist using NFTs that includes Marvel and DC Comics' characters. More about NFT

Near mint Amazing Fantasy #15 goes for $3.6 million

"Spider-Man beats Superman in record $3.6m comic sale"UK Guardian

Story at MSN News

the hot auction item is one of only four certified near-mint copies of the publication.

More at Castanet

Amazing Fantasy #15 at Heritage Auction

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Attacking the Shang-Chi's numbers to see what's real

Substack scarfing up more artists and writers

If this keeps up, DC Comics and Marvel will be decimated of their top talent.

The venture capital-funded newsletter platform is investing heavily in enlisting creators for its push into original comic books, with one source pegging the figure north of $30 million over the next few years.

Story at Hollywood Reporter

Original comic art exhibit in Cerritos, California

Featured artists include Amanda Conner, Carmine Infantino, Dan Jurgens, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Joe Kubert, Win Mortimer, Dick Sprang, Joe Shuster, Brian Stelfreeze, Jim Steranko and Mico Suayan.

Story at Los Cerritos News

Why Halle Berry doesn't regret her Catwoman movieWinter Comin'

What happened to Nicolas Cage's first issue of Action Comics #1?

Cage, a lifelong comic book fan who once nearly played Superman, purchased a copy in 1997 for $150,000. Three years later, on January 21, 2000, this issue was stolen. It, along with a copy of Batman’s debut in Detective Comics No. 27, was ripped off the walls of Cage’s home...

Story at Suggest

Comicon museum coming to San DiegoCBS8

DC and comic shops gearing up for Batman Day 2021Superherohype

How Kirby and Ditko influenced Archer TV ShowCheatsheet

Comic Book company and wine company team upWine Industry Advisor

Batman's Batwing airplane from the 1989 movie has been restoredComicbook

What does Shang-Chi's numbers actually mean?

With a reported $150 million dollar production budget, the general rule of thumb is that Shang-Chi needs to pull $300 million (if not actually much more, perhaps as much as $400 million, considering the marketing costs going into trumpeting the movie) out of theatre tickets sales to actually turn a profit, since the theaters themselves usually get approx. 50% of the take before anything gets shipped back to the production company behind the movie (CBB doesn't know that actual deal Disney has with theater chains for Shang-Chi, such things can vary to where Disney might get more, say 60%, and perhaps only for the premiere weekend).

So can Shang-Chi succeed in a purely money oriented way? The second weekend will indicate how much staying power the film has and if it can pile up more revenue to get past the break even point, something that has proved a hard task for many movies since the pandemic has come along and severely handicapped the movie-watching business. What was once a business that could regularly host a billion-dollar earning superhero movie many times a year is becoming a place where every dollar counts and the margin for success and failure has become razor thin.

"Box office record-breaking aside, the real test is ahead for Shang-Chi"Yahoo News

"They haters said it would flop"Los Angeles Times

Gotham Knights official game art released – images at Flickering Myth

What effect will Shang-Chi numbers have on The Eternals scheduling prospects? Variety

Well, now, Shang-Chi's unexpected box-office haul is having an effect: Venom, Let There Be Cabbage Carnage is now opening sooner than before: now October 1

Fifth schedule move! Story at Variety

Wolverine hair horns new fashion trendUK Guardian (via Fark)

Wolverine Hair

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