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August 16, 2021

ShortBox is doing a month-long digital comics online fair in October with 48 artists bringing all-new materialHollywood Reporter

DC Comics, WEBtoon and HYBE from South Korea teaming together on projectMSN News

Fast and Furious #10 is coming April 2023IMDB

Why director Martin Campbell (of Green Lantern fame) doesn't make comic book movies anymore – story at Looper

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Massive collection of Wash Tubbs comic strips combined with readers notations from the 1930s obtained by Columbia University

In 1928, the barber, I.A. Persinger, began compiling this collection of “Wash Tubbs” comics, a well-loved daily newspaper strip by artist Roy Crane, whose adventure graphics popularized the visual sound effects—Bam! Pow!—we know so well today. Soon, though, the scrapbook expanded with handwritten insights from Persinger and his customers on life during the Great Depression.

Comics can be terrific conveyors of social norms, political movements—reflections of the concerns of the day. There are so many avenues of research that the Persinger scrapbook offers, from social history to rural social networks to outsider art. I’m also hoping, as we explore deeper in its pages, that we find messages that comment directly on the “Wash Tubbs” strips, which will speak to the reception of comics in daily life.

Story at Atlas Obscura

Marvel Daredevil ends with issue #36Comic Book

Shang-Chi tickets starting to sell for the September 3 release date Comicbook


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Free Guy ploughs over The Suicide Squad

Weekend movie tally:

Free Guy – $28.4 million opening weekend / $50 million total worldwide so far

Jungle Cruise – $35 million opening weekend / $154 million total worldwide so far

The Suicide Squad – $26.2 opening weekend / $118 million total worldwide so far

Black Widow – $80.3 opening weekend / $367.7 million total worldwide so far

Sources: Boxofficemojo and TheNumbers

Comparison of production budgets

Free Guy: estimated $100–125 million

Black Widow: estimated $200 million

Jungle Cruise: estimated $200 million

The Suicide Squad: estimated $175 million

Sources: Wikipedia

For a show not about Batman, Titans has an awful lot of Batman in itPolygon

Joe Quinones points out that Marvel erased his signature from American Chavez poster art CBR

This prompted responses from other writers and artists, like current Nightwing artist for DC Comics Bruno Redondo, who said, "This is absolutely not cool, anti-cool." This is apparently not the first time Marvel has scrubbed an artist's signature from merchandise, with comic book artist Francesco Francavilla also responding to Quinones' Tweet with a similar story. "Yeah it's a thing- I found a T-shirt with my Shang-Chi cover and signature was gone," Francavilla said.

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