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August 14, 2021

The Fast and Furious movie stars who've also been in Comic Book moviesMSN News

Tips on collecting comics from the expert Gamesradar

Writer Mark Waid going back to DCCBR

Free Comic Book Day - Aug 14!

More at

The Batman Box Set

Set includes Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman Ego and Batman: Year One

Story at Comicbook

Cruella II comingVariety

Danny DeVito writing a Penguin taleGizmodo

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is delayed again

Moved to October 15 instead of September 24 – Variety

King Spawn #1 has 497K pre-orders

The iconic creator cites both Spawn's longevity and consistency in an often inconsistent market as the reason the franchise seems to be experiencing a resurgence, along with a factor that doesn't get a lot of dialogue these days - the cover price. Advertisement "I think it comes down to the popularity of the character, the longevity of the character, and the rich long history he has. It's monthly and not sporadic," McFarlane says. "And I think that once we get past the first issue (King Spawn #1 is $5.99), these are going to be $2.99 books. That's a bit of a unicorn right now. I think it matters to the consumer so if I deliver quality, that's how they stick around." $2.99 is indeed a comparatively low cover price, with most of Marvel and DC's comic books coming in at $3.99 and $4.99.

Story at Gamesradar

There's a Wonder Woman 3 movie?Film Threat

What's the Substack thing about getting into Comics?Syfy

Free Comic Book Day is Aug 14 MSN News

Batman the Dark Knight is now a board gameComicbook

Current Superhero Movie Money

Black Widow at $360,161,561 worldwide, released July 9, 2021

The Suicide Squad at $71,405,415 worldwide, released July 28 (in France)

Snake Eyes at $33,678,289 worldwide, released July 23, 2021

Info via Boxofficemojo

Substack grabbing up "big name" comics creatorsMSN News

Suicide Squad 2021 "a bomb"TNP

The Marvel Comics compensation story continues to spread

Marvel Comics criticised for reported $5,000 payment to artists whose work is adapted into films Yahoo News

The Sad Truth About How Much Money The MCU Pays Comic CreatorLooper

Marvel superhero comic creators received just $5,000 for $1B+ movie adaptationsRT

Disney Has Reportedly Been Paying Comic Book Creators As Little As $5000 For Movies That Grossed $1+ BillionComicbookmovie

Here's a headline you don't see everyday in comicdom: France distributes a $350 per teenager fund to support interest into the arts, and the teenagers spend it on comic books

But, in France, comic books really are kultur. Story at NY Times

But will they earn more than $5000?

Substack signing up comic book creators – Story at Yahoo News

300 Million

Dragonball Z manga has 300 million copies sold globallycomicbook

Maybe the French program of subsidizing culture is being spent on Manga.

The Suicide Squad money

The Suicide Squad didn’t fare well in its opening at the domestic weekend box office, earning $26.5M. That is below the hoped-for $30M-plus start for several reasons, i.e., its availability free to 47 million HBO Max subscribers, fans’ dissatisfaction with the overall DC franchise, and possibly the spiking Delta variant...

The Suicide Squad is ranking highly in the streaming sweepstakes by comparison with other releases in the past – story at Deadline Hollywood

Why did The Suicide Squad stumble?Variety


Aug 10: Total worldwide earnings so far for The Suicide Squad at $71,950,000 – Box Office Mojo

The 2016 Suicide Squad did $744,285,963 worldwide ($133,682,248 opening weekend, domestic)


Is The Suicide Squad the beginning of the end for the superhero movie?UK Guardian

Review: The Suicide Squad

Big budget Hollywood visuals, straight-ahead action combined with a patina of intelligence and wholesomeness peaking out from under the well-deserved R-rating.

More review at The Suicide Squad 2021

The Batman movie to "expose Thomas And Martha Wayne’s Dark Secret" - awww, leave'm alone! – Wegotthiscovered


"Disney Is Only Paying Comics Creators $5,000 for Work It's Adapted for Billions"

Story at Gizmodo - MSN News

Batman writer Tynion IV exits DC Comics for Substack web comicsSuperherohype

Related: Substack moves into comic book genreMSN News

Will Warner end the DC Comic book division?

The statements that Warner or AT&T or somebody looking at the numbers for sales and profit will inevitably "kill" DC Comics has been a story bouncing back and forth across the internet for years.

Lee not only denies this as “further from the truth,” but he also confessed to The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that also included senior VP and general manager Daniel Cherry III he’s had to resist jumping into the conversation when he sees tweets and headlines questioning the future and solvency of DC.

The article at Bounding seems derived from the Hollywood Reporter piece of Aug 4 on just about the same subject.

Story at Boundingintocomics

The Suicide Squad flounders at hitting projected numbers

It made 26 million, Warner wanted a $30 million weekend – UK Daily Mail

The "nine oddball characters" in Suicide Squad – Washington Post

The $400 Spider-Man NFTKotaku

The Suicide Squad underperforms on Friday

Warner Bros. and DC’s The Suicide Squad opened to $12.2 million on Friday from 4,002 North American theaters amid challenges posed by the delta variant and a hybrid theatrical-home launch. That puts the tentpole on course to debut to a less-than-expected $27 million at the domestic box office.

Story at Hollywood Reporter

The Suicide Squad currently stands at almost $19 million worldwide – numbers at Boxofficemojo

Spidey-Man No Way Home: end of the line for the multiverse?UK Guardian

Artist Mike Hawthorne leaving Marvel MSN News

Marvel getting into NFTs with Spider-ManComicbook

After The Suicide Squad, what's next for Harley Quinn?Dengeek

About Superman '78 #1Gamesradar

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