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Could The Batman go into theaters only and thus break box office records?

Story at CBR

Batman Break Box Office

Bruce Wayne/Batman/Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Batman

DC Comics' announces new Batman is Tim Fox

Publishing in January and February 2021, each issue will run an extended 64 pages and feature Fox as the Caped Crusader. The character is the son of Lucius Fox, a business associate of Bruce Wayne himself. Each issue is cwritten by John Ridley, who penned the Oscar-winning screenplay for 12 Years a Slave, while Nick Derington, Laura Braga, and more will handle the art."

Story at Complex

And Why the hell did DC and writer John Ridley tease the secret identity of Future State's the Next Batman for nearly four months, only to blow the mystery themselves nearly a month before the release of Future State: The Next Batman #1 on January 5?' at MSN News - Games Radar

Disney decisions for MCU having major effect on ebay back issue sales

Story at Bleeding Cool

Not Batgirls

Double Batgirls in Batman #104 - Story at Bleeding Cool

No, this isn't the actual art

Marvel headed for a rebirth cycle

Story at CBR

Charlie Cox as Daredevil for Spider-Man 3?

Story at Movieweb

The Batman movie that almost was

Story at Movieweb (and at People) about Ben Affleck and what he intended to do for his version of The Batman movie, from talking to Deathstroke Actor Joe Manganiello. A "dark and bloody" plan for the Batfleck.

Miles Morales on PlayStation 5 was able to run at 60fps in Performance mode

Story at MSN News

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Who drew Daredevil #25?

It's David Mack time! With the Daredevil #25 reveals going wide, with a "for-now-permanent" change for the character as published by Marvel Comics, and sales of the issue topping $50 for the standard cover and $300 for the 1:25 variant, and second printing coming in as fast as it can, retailer-exclusive variants of the second printings have been commissioned, quite the rarity.

Story at Bleeding Cool

A Bloodshot sequel?

That's what they say might happen at Comicbook

New artists and writers for Harley Quinn, Detective Comics, Batman/Superman

Details at Games Radar

How much Ben Affleck Batman is in the coming Flash movie? - Question asked at Movieweb
Lady Running

Marvel discounting their Unlimited service - story at CBR

Spider-Man 3 plot twist revealed?

Story at BGR

Rumor mill: All three Spider-Men in Spider-Man 3 at Movie Web

Forty years ago: Superman II at the movie theaters

Story at Ultimate Classic Rock

"Lost" Superman Playstation game discovered

Story at Engadget

DC Comics' Christmas offering "Merry Multiverse"

Story at Flickering Myth

Justice League Snyder Cut still lacks a release date

But Warners' is saying "in a few months" - story at Movieweb

Reality check on that HBO deal

What's happening with Warners' announcement for 2021 productions

Godzilla comic book for kids stomping towards release

Story at Gizmodo

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