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Why did they use a Nirvana song in the The Batman trailer?

Story at Uproxx tells us why

Reviews on the Net:

Batgirl #50 - Bleeding Cool

Three Jokers #3 - Comicbook

Halloween Comics - "the Best of " - story at Games Radar

Vault Comics now has full returns on books - story at Bleeding Cool

Does Batman's cape beat Dracula's cape?

Dracula vs Batzman

"How The Batman Absolutely Annihilated Dracula"

Review of 2005 The Batman vs. Dracula animated superhero movie. at CBR

Matthew McConaughey wanted to be the Hulk, and Marvel said "nope"

This apparently happened some time ago, but nonetheless, Marvel missed a chance - story at Uproxx

Formerly, this would have been a gigantic, "get in trouble" no-no - Comic book shops breaking the street date release on shipped comics - story Bleeding Cool

Justice League reshoots are now in production

Snyder Cut moving along with live action shooting - story at Movie Web

Other interesting changes about the Justice League Snyder Cut: "The Snyder Cut Adds Jared Leto’s Joker, Drops Jon Berg and Geoff Johns Producer credits" Story at MSN News

Awhile back, the Snyder Cut project was originally listed as a $25 million dollar project, then it was $30 million, and now this story at says that its at $70 million now. Another tidbit is that the project is going to be four hours long.

Spider-Man 3 getting underway - Tom Holland "excited"

Story at Uproxx

The Batman movie set shows Gotham car chase

Or, I guess, Batmobile chase - at comicbook

New Gen animation project is cast

It's about "nanotech-enhanced superheroes"

Story at Deadline Hollywood

John F. Walker, the "new" Captain America

Story at IMDB

eBook library activity increases significantly in UK

Includes e-comics - story at Passive Voice

Michael Keaton not confirming Batman role

Story at Cheatsheet

Coming WW84 a risk - says Observer

Massive increase in graphic novel sales

Details at Gamesradar

Nickelodeon doing a comic book store comedy

Story at Deadline Hollywood

Virtual comics fair online on October 24 - Story at Hollywood Reporter

Release the Shumacher Cut of Batman Forever?

Entertainer Ice Cube says do it - story at Movieweb

With new films bottled up for months and months now, news that rehashes older, popular films of the past has a lot of cachet on the internet.

What happens after the pandemic for the comic book industry?

Predictions at Publishers Weekly


The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 50 – Spider-Man/Spawn

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The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 50 – Spider-Man/Spawn