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New Batman suit premieres in Joker War

Not the new Batman Suit

This is NOT the new Batman suit.

Story about the new suit at Comic Book

Zoe Kravitz wants new Batman film to get back into production

Story about this at Comic Book

Sam Raimi's Spiderman 3

It should be no surprise to learn that Spider-Man 3 was a bad movie at release and it continues to be a bad movie watching it now, over a decade later."

The MSN article knocks the film and implies the box office wasn't good, which isn't the case ($895 million worldwide is very, very good in 2007 dollars - - for comparison, Spiderman III outgrossed both of the later Amazing Spider-Man movies which had the advantage of higher ticket prices and a lot of marketing muscle behind them).

On the other hand, Spiderman III is a bit like Joel Shumacher's Batman and Robin (and also Superman III), which is to say, the directors in each case went a little nuts and just let the films spill over into farce, relying upon sight gags and sub-story vignettes that seem like comedy sketches.

In my opinion, Spiderman III is very entertaining, though not a "good superhero film," and I can understand why a dedicated Spidey-fan might have umbrage at it.

Part of my response to the film is to marvel at how outlandish parts of it is, and how much it veers into "let's just do something completely unexpected here," for example, Toby Maguire as a kind of Elvis in a musical section.

There should be a study done of why so many third films in a series go off the deep end.

Story on Spiderman III at MSN News

Zack Snyder likes the new Pattinson Batman movie

Or so repeats Comic Book - - "You look at what Matt's doing with Batman," Snyder told Randolph on YouTube. "And by the way I'm super excited about that; I think he's an amazing filmmaker...."

Famous people making famous/not famous comic books

Newsarama (Gameradar) story on celebrities (Shatner, Keanu Reeves, Nickolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, many others) and their comic book creations.

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