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The billion-dollar hero

BATMAN Bob Kane and Bill Finger

Bruce Wayne, orphan billionaire (he was only a millionaire in the original issues) dedicates his life to fighting crime after the murder of his parents. Or does he intend to "exterminate" crime? A more strident tone was prevalent in the early issues, showing how closely the character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger was influenced by the pulp magazines (the comic book industry barely existed at the time) and by the proximity of the two creators to street life in New York City.

Bruce Wayne was originally a flippant, effete playboy who seemed to project every stereotype of the worthless rich (more or less in a fashion like Baroness Orczy's 1905 hero The Scarlet Pimpernel) but Wayne merely used that act as a cover for his costumed identity as a vigilante with extremely dubious legal authority (it took several early stories for the character to be homogenized into something that had a settled relationship with Gotham's police force, particularly its leader, Commissioner Gordon).

Gotham City is Batman's home (or "The Batman," or even "The Bat-Man" as it was titled in the very first story appearance Detective Comics #27, 1939). At times Gotham is merely the city Batman/Bruce Wayne lives in, and at other times Gotham is "Batman's City" and he treats it as his very own and he battles crime like an avenging antibody attacking pathogens.

With the introduction of a "sidekick" character (Robin, the Body Wonder) the gradual blooming of a family (or "Bat-Family") around Batman began (though it would be decades before the leavening of the cast would take off into extremes of Bat-Dog, Bat-Woman, Bat-Girl, etc).

Adding intimate characters was a softening of the idea of a ruthless anti-hero fighting crime, stoic and alone, but now modernized toward an often paternalistic father-figure who guides other orphans, disadvantaged youth, and would-be co-vigilantes.

Batman as a product and an intellectual property has produced billions in revenue through comic books, radio and TV programs, movie serials and feature films, and especially toys.

Batman Comics

Detective Comics

Brave and the Bold

Bruce Wayne: I got over it

You look sad Bruce WayneI read about your parents BruceIt was a long time agoI got over it

Batman #664, Art by Andy Kubert

I'm Batman

I'm Batman

Batman #24

Batman Dark Nights:Metal

Batman Metal

“I’ve been planning Metal for as long as I’ve been writing Batman,” Snyder said of the project. “But this is bigger than Batman. Greg and I started dropping clues during Court of Owls, we continued through our Joker stories and we placed our biggest hints in the run that culminated with Batman #50. And now we’re back to tell a story that breaks everything apart. This will be the definitive project of our careers..."

From interview with Scott Snyder at fortressofsolitude

Batman by Greg Staples

Art by Greg Staples


Joekr Eacher Mirror BallEscher Mirror Ball

Art by Marco Champier (and M. C. Escher)

Bob Kane, official originator of Batman

Bob Kane Batman Creator

The Beginning of Batman

Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson (frequent Batman inker at the beginning) have offered varied explanations for how Batman (and the Joker) were created.

Read More about Batman and Bob Kane

Read more on Jerry Robinson and The Joker

Batman and Wonder Woman together

Wonder WOman and Batman together

More Batman and Wonder Woman

Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race

The Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race by Jeremy Roberts

Art by Jeremy Roberts

Matthew Griffin Batman Poster

Art by Matthew Griffin - Poster art online

Michael Keaton: 'Batman would never cry' like Spider-Man

Nov 2015: Article at about Keaton visiting a cell-phone store where the employee waiting on him was engrossed in a Spider-Man movie playing on a screen inside the store:

"While on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Keaton recalled that rather than helping fix his shattered screen, the worker looking at Keaton’s phone was more enthralled with the movie on the screen across the store, an installment of “Spider-Man,” than waiting on his equally super customer.

...During an emotional scene in that “Spider-Man” film, Peter Parker begins to cry. Keaton’s tongue-in-cheek reaction pit the two characters against each other, when he said, “Batman would never cry,” amid other unflattering things about Spider-Man’s “weakness.”

More coverage:

‘Spider-Man’ Is a Wimp & ‘Batman’ Never Cries Says Michael Keaton ...Says ‘Batman’ can beat the Hulk and any other superhero in a fight, going as far as to call ‘Spider-Man’ a wussy - Movieweb

"Everyone needs to stop asking the question of who could beat up who. Batman kicks everybody's ass. And if they won't, I will, Bruce Wayne will."

PC Batman: Arkham Knight returns to shelves in October

October 1, 2015:

"Having pulled the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight from release due to a series of technical issues, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has now announced that it will be going back on sale later this month, at which point it hopes to have rectified the performance problems that plagued the initial game at launch.

“As many of you know, we released a major patch for Batman: Arkham Knight PC a few weeks ago. While there were significant performance improvements made to the game, the teams are continuing to work on the additional updates that were outlined in our previous post. We expect these updates to be ready at the end of October, at which time the PC version will be made available for purchase. In addition, support for all DLC that has been released for the console versions will be in place. Thanks again for your continued patience and support. We’ll be sure to update everyone as soon as the update is live.”

Article at Flickering Myth

Alfred Get the Door

Source: Batsbr Tumblr

Bill Finger Recognized for Role in Creating Batman and Co.

Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive story on an agreement between DC Comics and the Bill Finger family to recognized Bill Finger's considerable participation in the original creation of Batman and of related characters. From the HR story:

"DC Entertainment announced today that Bill Finger, who worked with Bob Kane on early Batman comic strips as well as co-creating Green Lantern and other characters for the company, will be receiving official credit for his work in film and television projects based on his creations.

Finger, who died in 1974, made a number of critical contributions to the Batman mythos, including coming up with the names of the hero's alter ego Bruce Wayne, as well as the city in which the hero fights crime. He was also co-creator for a number of iconic Batman characters including Robin, Catwoman and the Joker.

More on Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and the creation of Batman and Joker

The bio of Bill Finger that was a significant part of changing the official way DC Comics' lists creators Bill the Boy Wonder - The Secret Co-Creator of Batman – by Marc Tyler Nobleman and Ty Templeton

Bill the Boy Wonder - Bill Finger

Ben Affleck to direct and star new Batman film 2018

Aug 2015: The Latino-Review column says that Ben Affleck will be responsible for a director/starring Batman movie for November 2018 (and that it may be the start of a trilogy set of films from Warners). The column by Da7e also includes a slew of possible dates for other Warner Bros / DC Comics superhero films to come.

"Yes, the Ben Affleck project Latino-Review previous reported is still a go, aiming for November 2018 now. Chris Terrio, who has writing credits on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and has been announced as a writer for both Justice League films will write the movie for Ben Affleck to direct himself in. It’s still called The Batman, and it still sounds like it could be amazing."

Batman materials on this web site:

Batman Movies

Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises - Ann Hathaway as Catwoman

The Dark Knight - "Cash Cow"

The Dark Knight - Chocolate

Dark Knight Rises Lobby Promo Posters (Photo at a Regal Movie Theater)

Batman Returns 1992

Batman 1989

Batman TV Show 1966 & Feature Film

Batman 1966 TV Series

Adam West - Batman for all time

Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar Catwoman - Large

Yvonne Craig - Batgirl

Large Yvonne Craig Batgirl on Batcycle

Lee Meriwether - Catwoman

Large Lee Meriwether Catwoman

Batman and the money:

Feb 2010 auction Detective Comics #27 goes for $1,075,500 USD

Detective Comics number #1 auctions for $17,000 USD

Frank Miller "Hunt the Dark Knight" sells for $448,125 USD

Batman The Dark Knight Bat Stuff

Batmobiles of Batman

Batmobiles - "A black thunderbolt on wheels"

The Anton Furst / TIm Burton Batmobile from 1989

Bat Pizza Phone

Batman and the Joker

The Alan Moore Joker and Batman

Joker Graphic Novel - By Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, 2009

Batman Family

Batman Family

I don't drink tea, I give nightmares

Batman and Alfred

Batman Collections and Books:

Batman Black and White Collection Volume 3 DC Comics 2007

Marie Severin "Batsman" from Batman Black and White Vol 2

Richard Corben Batman page 1996

Batman "His Own Police Force" (From Catwoman Dark End of the Street)

Batman and the Spirit Teamup No.1, DC Comics 2006 Jeph Loeb, Artwork by Darwyn Cooke

Batman: Strange Apparitions DC Comics 2006 By Marshal Rogers and Steve Englehart

Batman Death by Design: Panel from the 2012 Graphic Novel

Batman Black and White

Batman Black and White #3, Jan 2014, Olly Moss Penguin & Batman cover

Batman Black and White #4, Feb 2014, Amanda Conner cover art

Batman and Robin

Patrick Gleason Page A from Issue 20

Patrick Gleason Page B from Issue 20

Brave and the Bold

See the list of Brave and the Bold Comics online here

Batkids in Batmobile

Source: Tumblr

Detective Comics

See the list of Detective Comics online here

Dark Knight III

Rafael Albuquerque Dark Knight III variant

Rafael Albuquerque variant cover

All Star Batman and Robin - Jim Lee/Frank Miller

All Star Batman and Robin #4, March 2007, Cover by Jim Lee

All Star Batman and Robin #4, March 2007, Dick Grayson's diet of rats

All Star Batman and Robin #5, July 2007, Cover

All Star Batman and Robin #5, July 2007, Wonder Woman

All Star Batman and Robin #5, July 2007, Superman, Wonder Woman and Plastic Man

All Star Batman and Robin #5, July 2007, Wonder Woman "Kowtowing to these apes?"

All Star Batman and Robin #6, Sep 2007, Jim Lee Cover (Batgirl & Black Canary)

All Star Batman and Robin #6, Sep 2007, Batgirl "Mischief"

All Star Batman and Robin #6, Sep 2007, Batgirl Mob Scene

All Star Batman and Robin #8, Sep 2007, Jim Lee art - Catwoman

All Star Batman and Robin #9, April 2008, Jim Lee Cover

All Star Batman and Robin #9, April 2008, Green Lantern "Frank Miller style"

All Star Batman and Robin #10, Aug 2008, Batgirl

Classic 1950s Batman

Detective Comics 241 - I must wear a different colored Batsuit every night

A collection of unintentionally hilarious covers from 1950s Detective Comics

Justice League of America

Jim Lee Batman in Justice League of America #9, July 2012

Batman Lego Cover - March 2014

See the cover enlarged.

Damian Son of Batman

Damian Wayne

Damian Son of Batman #1, Dec 2013, cover by Andy Kubert

Damian Son of Batman #1, Dec 2013, 2-page Spread

Damian Son of Batman #2, Jan 2014, cover by Andy Kubert

Damian Son of Batman #3, Feb 2014, cover by Andy Kubert

Damian Son of Batman #4, Mar 2014, cover by Andy Kubert

Batman cross-title series

Batman: Face the Face (series from DC Comics, 2006)

The Face-the-Face series ran in these issues:

  1. Detective Comics 817 (part 1)
  2. Batman 651 (part 2)
  3. Detective Comics 818 (part 3)
  4. Batman 652 (part 4)
  5. Detective Comics 819 (part 5)< /li>
  6. Batman 653 (part 6)
  7. Detective Comics 820 (part 7)
  8. Btaman 654 (part 8, end)

Batman Number 1, Spring 1940

Batman number 1 Spring 1940 art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson

Batman #1, Spring 1940, art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. View cover enlarged.

Legends of the Dark Knight

Legends of the Dark Knight, Dec 2012, Jeff Lemire page

Legends of the Dark Knight, Dec 2012, Nicola Scott Page

Batman Year One - 1986

David Mazzucchelli Batman Year One Promo Poster 1986

Batman Odyssey (Neal Adams mini-series)

Batman Odyssey #1 (2nd series), May 2011, Neal Adams Cover

Batman Odyssey #5, April 2012, Cover - Neal Adams

Batman Odyssey #5 (2nd series), April 2012, Batman fights gnomes

Batman Odyssey #6 (2nd series), May 2012, Batman Talia Page

Batman on Dirtbike - Batman 31 Capullo

Untold Legend of Batman - 1980 series

The Untold Legend of Batman - John Bryne, Jim Aparo, Paul Levtiz

Untold Legend of Batman #3, Sept 1980, Jim Aparo Batgirl Page

Batman's Greatest Failure

Batman and Jason

Source: Monkey of Steel

Limited Collectors Edition Vol 6, C-52

Night of the Reaper - Neal Adams and Denny O'Neil

Men who dress like Batman, and miscellaneous

The "Slovakia Batman"

Batman vs. Batman - Turkish town sues over use of "Batman" name

The "Route 29" Batman who drives a Lamborghini

Batman Arcade Video Game


The Joker

Batman and the Joker

Batman and Wonder Woman

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman versus Superman

More Batman
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Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman and Harley Quinn talk about Arkham