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Originally written as a novel about the hubris of genius, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's 1818 story of a "creature" built from dead body parts and then sprung loose to terrorize the locals to the frustration of it's obsessive and self-absorbed creator, is both famous and relatively unknown in certain ways. Nearly all renditions of the Frankenstein story are based on the Hollywood version (of which there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of versions throughout the world) which quite liberally throws out huge chunks of the original story and insert screenplay elements to better fit a modern tale of a mad-monster and a mad-scientist in a contest of wills.

Confusion about identifying the doctor who builds the 'creature' from the creature itself has led to the pop-culture dictum that you can call the monster "Frankenstein" and be correct and call the doctor who built him "Frankenstein" and still be correct.

Ironically, the same situation exists for the secondary character of the spouse of the doctor and for the other creature built from dead body parts to be a mate for the first creature, both women are known in pop culture as the Bride of Frankenstein

Wrightson ink illustration for Frankenstein

Frankenstein illustration by Bernie Wrightson, for his project illustrating the Mary Shelly novel. See enlarged.


Glenn STrange Frankenstein

Glenn Strange as the Frankenstein Monster - Source: Tumblr Frankensteinia

Doug Mahnke covers - Frankenstein 2006

Frankenstein cover art by Doug Mahnke issue 1Frankenstein cover art by Doug Mahnke issue 2 Frankenstein cover art by Doug Mahnke issue 3Frankenstein cover art by Doug Mahnke issue 4

Frankenstein - Seven Soldiers of Victory series written by Grant Morrison

Jack Davis Artwork - Frankenstein

More Jack Davis

Frankenstein Original movie poster

Karloff and Lugosi, Son of Frankenstein

Karloff and Lugosi

Ponticelli Frankenstein page

From Men of War #0, DC Comics

Ponticelli Frankenstein Page

See this page enlarged.

See the Ponticelli Splash Page from Men of War #0

Reminds me of Berni Wrightson Frankenstein labs from various 1970s endeavors, particularly Wrightson's Frankenstein illustrated novel that was published by Marvel originally in the early 1980s.

Cover Art - Frankenstein #14

Frankenstein 14 cover by Ponticelli

Alberto Ponticelli cover for Frankenstein #14, DC Comics. See enlarged. (Below: pages from Frankenstein, Agent of Shade, #14.)

Definitely Alive FrankensteinFrankenstein on Horseback

Bernie Wrightson - Frankenstein Alive

Cover Artwork Frankenstein ALive - Wrightson

Front cover of a new Frankenstein tale with story by Steve Niles and art from the modern artist most associated with Mary Shelley's creation, Bernie Wrightson.

Back Cover Frankenstein Alive 1 - Wrightson

Bruce Timm - Frankenstein

More Bruce Timm

Terry Moore art

Terry Moore Frankenstein Punisher

Frankenstein - Punisher hybrid.

Joe Frankenstein - Graham Nolan art

Joe Frankenstein - Graham Nolan cover art

Joe Frankenstein - Graham Nolan artwork

Joe Frankenstein - Graham Nolan page art

Joe Frankenstein - Graham Nolan

Neal Adams

Neal Adams Monster Dracula Frankenstein

More Neal Adams

Neal Adams

Dick Briefer Frankenstein

Dick Briefer Frankenstein

More Dick Briefer classic Frankenstein artwork

More Dick Briefer

Valerie Hobson

Valerie Hobson Actress Valerie Hobson

Page has moved to cinemagraphe online here.

Valerie Hobson and Boris Karloff from Bride of Frankenstein

Lab from Bride of Frankenstein

Lab from Bride of Frankenstein

The laboratory from the 1935 Universal Film Bride of Frankenstein

More Bride of Frankenstein

Franky Dick Briefer Style



Bride of Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein - 2015 movie

Frankenstein #14, Jan 2013, Ponticelli Cover Art

Frankenstein #14, Jan 2013, Frankenstein 'definitely alive'

Frankenstein #14, Jan 2013, Frankenstein on Horseback

Men of War #0, Nov 2012, Ponticelli Frankenstein Page

Bride of Frankenstein Lab Scene Universal Pictures 1935, Directed by James Whale

Seven Soldiers of Victory, Frankenstein by Doug Mahnke

Seven Soldiers of Victory Frankenstein

Tom Derenick Frankenstein from Men of War, #8, 2012

Frankenstein #15, Sep-Oct 1948, Dick Briefer

Frankenstein #16, Nov-Dec 1948, Dick Briefer cover and art

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