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About pages are boring: but Lynda Carter 'ain't'

This site begain around 2002 under a different name and morphed into the present creature in 2006.

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Comic Book Brain Editors

Huntlie Haverstocke - formerly of the American Literary Historical Society and (with Mary Smith) The Boys Constant Reminder

Jason Argo - erstwhile movie reviewer

Erik Weems - Blog editor, publisher

Comic Book Helps

The Comics Reporter is Tom Spurgeon's news and info blog about the industry. We happen to like it a lot.

Comic.org is where we go first for research on dates and names.

Comics Beat is Heidi MacDonald's site about the industry. Reliable and well done.

Boxofficemojo.com - Movie numbers and facts

Our best Warcraft II score - circa 1998
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DC Superhero Character Book

DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

How to draw Comics the Marvel Way - Stan Lee and John Buscema

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman