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Adam West - Batman for all time

Although modern demographics may skew Batman's alter-ego identity recognistion toward Christian Bale (of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films), but across the globe and through the last fifty years one person more than any other had been identified with Batman, and that's Adam West.

Though the Batman show only lasted three seasons, it racked up 120 episodes which have been in syndication ever since. Whether as an antidote to the seriousness of the current screen renditions of Batman, or as a test-tube specimen of mid-1960s mod and hip culture (not to mention peeks at the pantheon of movie and TV celebrities which paraded through the series), the Batman TV show appears to be immortal, in television terms, and that longevity is mostly due to West's frank and sincere presentation of the 'freak in tights' (West's term), a character he has said requires an actor to put on the cowl to understand (a costuming chore which West, age 37 when he began, has said made him feel as if he were performing in the heat of 180 degrees).

Born William West Anderson, "Adam West" (his stage name) has a long list of movie and TV credits besides Batman. He was born in Walla Walla, Washington State.

Adam West Batman

Adam West revealing himself as Batman

Adam West and Burt Ward

Adam West Batman - a

Adam West Batman - a

Adam West Batman - a

Adam West Batman - a

Adam West Batman - a

Adam West - The Batman

Adam West Batman

Batman art by Anthony Summey

Adam West - Batman 1966 TV Series

Adam West Batman

Batman TV Show 1966 & Feature Film

Batman 1966 TV Series

Adam West - Batman for all time

Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar Catwoman - Large

Yvonne Craig - Batgirl

Large Yvonne Craig Batgirl on Batcycle

Lee Meriwether - Catwoman

Large Lee Meriwether Catwoman

Adam West on the cover of TV Guide

Adam West Batman - TV Guide Cover

Adam West - 1961

Adam West - 1961 - Perry MasonAdam West - 1961 - Perry MasonAdam West - 1961 - Perry MasonAdam West - 1961 - Perry MasonAdam West - 1961 - Perry MasonAdam West - 1961 - Perry MasonAdam West - 1961 - Perry Mason

Perry Mason TV series "The Case of the Barefaced Witness" broadcast March 18, 1961

Adam West and Lynda Carter

Alex Ross art - Adam West Batman and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Art by Alex Ross

More Batman and Wonder Woman together

More Lynda Carter

Batman 1966 - Adam West - now on Bluray and DVD

Adam West Batman 1966 TV SHow Advert on BLuray and DVD

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More Adam West Batman

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