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Batman and Robin - 1997

Batman Forever Poster Mister Freeze

Batman and Robin - released June 20, 1997

Directed by Joel Schumacher
Written by Lee Batchler
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, Uma Thurman, Alicia Silverstone

Production budget: $125,000,000

Box Office:
Domestic American market earnings $107,325,195
Foreign market earnings $130,881,927
Total worldwide haul: $238,207,122

Batman and Robin: A Legendary Movie Production

I saw Batman and Robin on opening day in 1997, accompanied by a rabid Batman comic book and movie fan of long aquiantance. We expected something along the lines of the Val Kilmer Batman Forever. And why not? It was directed by the same guy, Joel Schumacher, and seemed to be in the same vein. We weren't big fans of that film, and could spend a lot of time picking it apart, but that film looks like Citizen Kane compared to what Schumacher foisted on us with Batman and Robin. My friend walked out of the theatre very angry, and I walked out shaking my head... they had spent a fortune on making a badly modernized version of the Adam West TV Batman.

George Clooney has spent decades now apologizing for the film whenever it is brought up, but the problem in the movie isn't Clooney (or anyone else in the cast). A person might say the movie is not subtle, but that misses the point. It is loaded with over-the-top acting (especially poor Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy) and the screen is an eyesore of garish colors. The scenes in Gotham make the city look like a mock-burlesque show or at least somebodies imitation of a burlesque show. And that's the whole issue, in a nutshell, it's an imitation of the old TV Show by way of imitating Tim Burton and imitating elements drawn from various DC Batman comic book stories, with all of the imitation "turned up to eleven." No wonder the only remotely human element of the film is the sickness causing Alfred the Butler (Michael Gough) to act like he is ill through most of the film ... as we watch the movie it appears the illness is coming from the production itself.

Great care was taken in the CGI effects, because someone wanted the Batmobile and other Bat-devices to be presented in the right way, apparently to maximize toy sales. That's probably the greatest testimony as to what is wrong with this movie, it's a commercial for some other industry's revenue-stream.

Uma Thurman Poison Ivy Batgirl - Alicia Silverstone - Batman and Robin - 1997Alicia Silverstone BatgirlAlicia Silverstone Batgirl
Mister Freeze
Poison Ivy - Uma Thurman
Batman and Poison Ivy - Uma Thurman
Nickelodeon Batgirl

Batman and Robin 1997Batman and Robin 1997Batman and Robin 1997Batman and Robin 1997Batman and Robin 1997Batman and Robin 1997Batman and Robin 1997Batman and Robin 1997

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