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Bat Signal Pen Flashing Swords by Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta "Warrior with Ball and Chain" attributed 1973

16'x19" oil painting on canvas board

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Sold for $150,000 USD in the 2010 May Illustration Art Auction from Heritage Auctions.

This image was originally used as the cover for the anthology paperback "Flashing Swords #1" from 1974 (erroneously attributed as 'Flashing Swords #2' in the Frazetta Legacy book put out by Underwood in 1999). (The hardcover versions of Flashing Swords #1 and #2, printed in 1973, featured other Frazetta paintings not used in the paperback editions, which bolsters the claim by Ellie Frazetta that the collectibility of the Frazetta cover art alone created sales for publishers, and was an intended effect when commissioning Frazetta cover art.)


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Frazetta's color usage in this image for Flashing Swords #1 (Paperback) is a throwback to Frazetta's efforts from the 1960s, versus the more controlled color of, for example, "Death Dealer" which appeared as the cover for Flashing Swords #2, also in 1974.

Interesting note about Frazetta's muscle distortion: the warrior in the artwork has a five row abdominal mass (which is accurate, though that number of rolls should not all appear above the belt line), but Frazetta's placement is at odds to actual male anatomy, for example, the belly button should be situated into the third roll down. In the painting, it is placed into the fifth.

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