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November 2023

Jewish Comic Book Festival in ManhattanJTA Org

More than 400 comic book lovers flocked to Manhattan’s Center for Jewish History on Sunday for the first-ever Jewish Comics Experience, a pop culture convention that was billed as the “ultimate comics and pop culture event.” Some 35 comics creators participated in the inaugural JewCE, including “Sin City” creator Frank Miller and underground comics legend Barbara “Willy” Mendes. Others participating were artists who specialize in depicting Torah stories, creators of Jewish superheroes, autobiographical writers who just happen to be Jewish and non-Jewish authors and artists who create Jewish content.

The Marvels experiences "historic drop" in audience in second week

Story at MSN Variety

Pokémon card goes for more than £5,000 on eBayYahoo

Madame Web coming Feb 2024

Story at Yahoo News

The Spider-Man comic book writer who created Madame Web's villain is just as confused by the trailer as you are. J. Michael Straczynski, who created the antagonistic Ezekiel Sims... ...Straczynski wrote The Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics between 2001 and 2007."

The Marvels has a huge audience dropoff in second weekDeadline and "lowest ever global" opening for MCU also at Deadline and star Imam Velleni reacts to the box office "that's for Bob Iger" at Hollywood Reporter

DC's Feb 2024 Comics PreviewsComicsbeat

Marvel's Feb 2024 Comics PreviewsComicsbeat

Marvel's Free Comic Book Day 2024 titles Yahoo Entertainment

Taylor Swift comic bookOutlook India"Taylor Swift, the queen of pop, is getting her own comic book by TidalWave Comics, set to drop on her 34th birthday. The 22-page glossy comic, part of the Female Force series, tells the story of Swift's rise to fame."

"Comic book trading app creator David Yu wins EY Entrepreneur of the Year"RNC New Zealand

Madame Web

Sony release preview trailer for Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

More Madame Web

Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards for Fantastic Four?MSN Entertainment

The Marvels makes history

This sequel to Captain Marvel might be "tanking at the box office(AOL)" but on the other hand it's got this footnote in the cinema history books:

While Marvel Studios expected The Marvels to blast off to higher box office last weekend, the Captain Marvel sequel from Nia DaCosta still topped the box office for the weekend and officially became the highest grossing theatrical release of all time by a Black woman director at $110 million.

Superman and Lois TV show gets cancelledMSN Far Side

Thunderbolts and Captain America: Brave New World pushed to 2025AOL

Not in the AOL article, but elsewhere around the internet, it is being said the new Cap America film was mostly already shot and is now being stripped down for a lot of reshoots, and the opinions vary about whether this is to fix movie story problems or to just simply remake the whole movie which (supposedly) has been testing badly with sneak peak audiences.

Amazon taking Comixology and merging it to their Kindle appIGN

Alien Legion getting a movie adaptationCollider MSN

Marvel, DC – "you blew it"ICV2

Marvel and DC, you blew it. Or maybe you just succeeded in your plan to kill off an American art form of which you’ve been the able stewards of for 80 years. It’s baffling that something so prolific was ushered to the chopping block and executed. Strong accusation? No, just the unvarnished truth as new comic sales find new lows. Worse, you’ve gutted an army of passionate retailers who’ve worked in this biz for decades for close to poverty wages in many cases. To put such a system of advocates in every state and major city in America, and around much of the world, would cost a fortune. But it happened organically to your benefit, and in gratitude, you’ve strip-mined what little profit there was in favor of short-term goals and chasing corporate bonuses.

A Roadrunner and Coyote movie (Coyote vs. Acme) is now moving into a sale to *somebody else* instead of turning into a tax write-off for Warners Hollywood Reporter

The move comes days after the The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Coyote vs. Acme would become Warners third already-shot film to get shelved after previously nixing nearly completed projects Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt in August 2022.

A film bombing is one thing, but building a catalogue of films that won't be released is a peculiar money-making strategy, even in Hollywood.

Ouch: The Marvels opens at $47 million - terrible start for a Marvel filmHollywood Reporter

...the superhero tentpole opened to an estimated $47 million at the domestic box office to rank as the worst start in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.."

This kind of debut for The Marvels was predicted by some over summer, and well, here we are.

40K comic book collection heading to auctionComicbook

There's never been a collection like this come to auction before. PBA Galleries will be auctioning off every single comic book published by DC Comics from 1934 to 2014 in a series of auctions starting with The Batman collection on Thursday, November 9 at 11 AM PT.

Deadpool III the Only MCU Movie coming in 2024MSN Indy Wire

Article indicates Bob Iger at Disney is cutting $2 billion from budgets for new content at the Mouse Mill, and so the 2024 movie release schedule has almost entirely moved to 2025 or beyond ("beyond" is probably a polite way of saying "dead").

The Marvels movie reviews are pouring into the internet

"A cosmic triumph"MSN Deadline

"An effervescent cosmic adventure"MSN Cinema Blend

"Story problems weigh down an effervescent kitty-filled romp"Yahoo Consequence Neet

"A cosmic disappointment can't get off the ground"MSN /Film

"A mediocre MCU movie but a boon for phase five" Looper MSN

"A disjointed mini-Avengers that doesn't make a great deal of sense"Game Radar MSN

"For rabid MCU fans only"Newsday MSN

Disney throws director Nia DaCosta "under the bus" but the movie ' well, marvellous"UK Independent Yahoo

Marvel has reached a crisis point – caught in a thunderstorm of its own making, its profits dwindling in the face of exploitative labour practices and overstuffed production lines. So, isn’t it ironic that the project the studio has publicly shown the least amount of faith in is the one to provide them with a blueprint for their own survival? And isn’t it just a little questionable that the first Black woman to direct a Marvel film has been so pointlessly thrown under the bus?

Dark Horse bringing Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev back together for projectIGN

Echo TV Show leads the way for Marvel's new Spotlight platform that won't be locked into continuity with other Marvel showsYahoo News [English]

Apotheosis Comics shop closingRiver Front Times

Notable Indy Comic books of the 1980s: a list

See the list Notable Indy Comic books of the 1980s

The year in comics of 1983 – Visiting the past at Multiversity Comics

Highlights of the year 1983: article mentions Warren closing its offices, Frank Miller's Ronin coming out, and other events of the year in Comic History.

Is the comics industry about to cave in?Bounding into Comics

Marvel and DC, you blew it. Or maybe you just succeeded in your plan to kill off an American art form of which you’ve been the able stewards of for 80 years.

The price of being Jim LeeMSN Variety

Finding a Work-Life Balance: ‘I Fell Asleep Twice While I Was Driving'


New Marvel Comics trying to warn viewers with disclaimer in order to deal with lost fansYahoo News

Advance ticket sales are reportedly down for the Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels, which is set to be released next week. One reason for this could be that the sequel is not just a continuation of Captain Marvel, but will be also serve as a follow-up to TV shows... Marvel is launching a new sub-category of projects named Marvel Spotlight [featuring a new] ...intro, which .....will serve as a disclaimer alerting fans that the film or TV show they’re about to watch can be enjoyed on its own merit without needing to have seen anything beforehand.

Gabriel Picolo "reimagines popular DC superheroes being relatable"Bored Panda

Nicely done artwork showing a What If? idea in which we see superheroes with a pet cat, or eating pizza, going dancing, or just puzzled by the lack of food in a fridge or many other mundane things which begs the question: do you want relatable superheroes who are... boring? We've seen this done before (artist Amanda Conner has produced plenty of art showcasing heroes being human instead of heroic, not by changing how the hero looks but by how the hero has a very "human" facial expression while they are doing something like laundry) and for decades (and decades) Archie Comics specialized in this world of combining the goofy (and entertaining) world of Riverdale with the day-to-day activities of being a teenager, which as something pretty intriguing to kids about to become teenagers, but not really that much to anyone else (except of course the hardcore Archie fan).

Picolo's art has a Legion of Superheroes / Teen Titans slant to the artwork which is maybe the concept in which this gels the best.

The article doesn't really carry their conceit all the way to its proper conclusion, which would be art showing Batman washing the Batmobile (if it was Alfred's day off), Superman clipping his toenails (and how could he even do it?), and Wonder Woman doing some laundry and maybe dazed and dozing on a couch watching TV, eating ice cream out of the container with a spoon.

Comic Con Badge Time AgainSan Diego Tribune

Ninja Turtles sequel to have ShredderGeek Culture

DC Comics putting out new line of "Compact Comics"CBR MSN

The Rob Liefeld Captain America giant-torso artYahoo Entertainment

"The 90's Captain America" is what they call it.

Calvin and Hobbes bumper stickers, copyright and Bill WattersonGet Pocket

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