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October 2023

"Why celebrity comics are good for the industry"CBR MSN

Article talks about actor Tom Hardy teaming up with Scott Snyder, and also Keanu Reeves' BZRKR

New comic book company launches called "Ghost Machine"The Wrap MSN

Best-Selling author Brad Meltzer has joined forces with a group of writers and artists aiming to shake up the comic book industry and send more of its profits to the creators behind the characters.

Deadpool director Tim Miller "I think there is tons of life left in the genre because ....superhero movies... are only ... the tip of the iceberg" Boundingintocomics

Moon Man title begins at ImageSuperhero Hype MSN

Why Dave McKean's 1989 Arkham Asylum is so"haunting" Gamesradar

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth was published in 1989 and Dave McKean used a unique, mixed-media approach, blending painting, drawing, photography, and collage. At the time Arkham Asylum was a departure from traditional comic book art and was considered groundbreaking.

Evaluating the 2023 Comicon in NYCForbes

The million dollar comic books at the New York ComiconVOA News

Video report that talks about not just the high-dollar books, but the hobby used as a side-investment In lieu of metals or stocks. The brief report also talks about how eBay has set up a large presence at the con this year.

Wonder Woman Light Switch on the wall

Wonder Woman Light Switch on the wall

Barnes and Noble running a "buy one, get one free" sale Comicbook

That makes me suspect B&N has accumulated a pretty good overstock of some manga titles.

The most expensive, the most rare comic books, are they in your attic?UK The Sun

Q: What if you don't have an attic?

It's being said that The Marvels was a two hour forty minute Marvel film but scored poorly in audience testing and now it has been trimmed down to one hour forty minutes which "is a tactic to squeeze in as many screenings as possible in the first weekend before word of mouth spreads."

Related: "The Marvels could have the worst opening in Marvel history"Movieweb - (take this with a certain amount of over-arching eyebrow since the estimate for the opening is $50-70 million, which for a typical not-superhero film would be considered a pretty nice start...)

Kevin Feige interview/article at Variety talking about how Marvel's movies have "barely scratched the surface" and also here comes The MarvelsVariety

The time Nic Cage bought a million dollar comic bookInvested Wallet

Batman animated "Merry Little Batman" comes in DecemberAOL

New Superman stories coming from Jason AaronScreenrant MSN

DC Comics is shaking up Action Comics with its new "Superman Superstars" initiative, introducing a rotating cast of creative teams throughout 2024.."

"Renowned Lobo And Justice League International Co-Creator Keith Giffen Passes Away At Age 70 Following Fatal Stroke"Boundingintocomics

Keith Giffen has diedGizmodo MSN

Therapists and Doctors using comic books in their work with patientsLive Mint

Scott Snyder and Tom Hardy are working on a comic book together

Story at MSN Superhero Hype

The Polecat

Page 1 of a 2 page preview

Bad news from off the Aquaman 2 set & is DC going to get a new corporate Lord and Master?Variety – the focus of the article is really on Amber Heard, Momoa and Elon Musk celebrity news, but it also delves into DC Comics' corporate troubles.

...some on the lot are convinced that another company, most likely Universal, will buy Warner Bros. within two years, making recent DC subplots and upheavals feel quaint...."

More: DC Comics journey through multiple ownerships isn't overFortress of Solitude

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson wants originality in superhero moviesMSN Superhero Hype

DC had intended for "Future State" versions to be the new permanent versions of their heroesBounding into Comics – Sales were too poor to take the idea forward

Daniel Clowes epic graphic novel Monica – "how he did it"Los Angeles Times MSN

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