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August 2023

Is the "golden age" of Marvel movies over?

More about this - Why have superhero films been failing?

Chainsaw Man now at volume 15 and has 26 million copies in circulationComicbook

Some Box Office August 4, 2023

Barbie keeps on pounding along making good money (or, considering the lousy box office picture of 2023, it's making great money) and this doll story might be headed for somewhere around a billion before it starts to cool off. Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 7 is still hanging in there but the competition has turned out to be a lot stronger than I think was anticipated for it's play dates. Indy V is crumbling and going into second run types of theaters which seems to indicate it is rapidly walking toward the exit doors, and for that matter The Flash is on VOD and exiting theaters because whatever audience there was for it (not that many!) have seen it and are done. Oppenheimer keeps steadily making money, not big money like Margot Robbie, but for a film that is generating all sorts of jokes on social media that you've got to have a pretty good IQ to watch the film, it's doing well.

The reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles started its run on Wednesday instead of Thursday and this appears to be a gimmick to juice-up the weekend numbers by squeezing in an extra day. Does that mean anything since all of the usual outlets that talk up movie box office will of course know what the gimmick is? The final totals will be what matters but perhaps there's a psychological angle to this which helps theater owners and the production company, too, and with "only" a production cost tagged as $70 million, the hurdle to get over and into profit monies isn't as high like the recent, bloated mega-superhero productions. Sound of Freedom chugs along making money and is supposed to be going into international distribution so the $155 million should swell ... not bad at all for a film made for under $15 million. And speaking of budgets, Disney's Haunted Mansion cost a reported $150 million and it has had a dismal start.

More Comic Book Movies

Stan Lee NFTs make money but the NFT market in general has shrunken considerably

Story at MSN Forbes

The Henry Cavill paradigm: why can't this guy catch a break in Hollywood?UK Telegraph

He was perfect as The Witcher, even better as Superman and is one of Bond's great ‘what ifs’.

My Adventures with Superman features redesigned DC superhero charactersComicbook

Across the Spider-Verse home video release disks will include one deleted scene

Story at Comicbookmovie

DC's Blue Beetle movie: "Cronenberg for kids"Superherohype

The manga One Piece is Homeric

Story at Polygon

There are roughly 1,070 episodes of the One Piece anime, and the manga itself is 106 volumes long, over 21,450-pages as of September 2022, with over 1,000 characters.

The Polecat

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Are multiple live-action Spider-Men movies coming with multiple actors?

They're already doing it over in the Warners' Batman-verse, so why not Peter Parker? Story at Gamesradar

Wonder Woman 3 isn't totally dead, says Gal GadotCBR

Comic book shops twenty top selling Graphic Novels of July

Number one is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin hardcover and #20 is Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow. Viz media has three manga titles on the list.

Story at icv2

Disney approaches the crossroads

Disney's head honcho, Bob Iger, is bringing back old Disney executives from the past to help reshape the company's finances as it prepares to sell off some assets. These assets may include ESPN, the ABC broadcasting network, the FX cable channel, and rumors are circulating about other brand names in the Disney catalog. Disney's "earnings call" next week will be a critical event, with Iger set to face off with shareholders who may be angry over the recent nosedive in profitability from the Mouse House.

More Disney approaches the crossroads

Blue Beetle in the James Gunn DCU? Depends upon the box office returnsBounding into Comics

Batman's new outfit is called "Knight Terrors"

Story at Comicbook

Kickstarter is introducing new A.I. guidelinesBleedingcool

Odessa TX comic shop The Hive closingKOSA TV

Amazing Spider-Man #1 with CGC 9.6 auctions at $520,380. Fox43

Auction web site– Hakes

Director for Secret Invasion: the job is to tell the story not meet fan expectationsBounding into Comics

Video games that are close to being"comic books"

Story at MSN Screenrant

Disney ending Blu Ray sales in AustraliaComicbook

Signs of things to come for physical media?

Barbie speeds to $774,503,000 worldwide take, so far – The Numbers

Oppenheimer is at $400 million

Mission Impossible 7 at $447,223,000

You're dead, but the collection lives on

When a collector dies, who gets the comic book collection?

Story at New York Times

“More times than I can remember, a spouse or child has said to me, ‘If he wasn’t dead, I’d kill him all over again for leaving me with this mess,’” said Greg Rohan, the president of Heritage Auctions.

"People don’t want to think about dying," said Maggie Thompson, 80, a former senior editor of Comic Buyer’s Guide, which was a newsmagazine that covered the comic book industry. "I realize as I look around my rooms, my family is not going to know what things are." Ms. Thompson, whose eclectic collection includes Polaroid photos, film posters and comic book art, knows firsthand that not having a plan can mean a lot of responsibility for survivors. Her brother, Paul Edgar Curtis, died last year, and her family spent months dealing with his comic books and other mementos

The article includes a run down of some of the highest-selling collectible items of late, and like the quotes above, emphasizes how stuff a person in the hobby understands is valuable (or not) draws a complete blank from "civilians."

Science: what is the top speed of the Batmobile?MSN Screenrant

The legal battle between Hulk Hogan and Marvel Comics

Story at Yahoo News

Batman is a fascist! You can now buy Blue Beetle ticketsComicbook

Cillian Murphy was asked to screen test for, but didn't get, the role of Batman, but director Chris Nolan had a plan for Murphy in a different direction

Story at Variety

Nolan didn't think Murphy was right for the part either, but he still screen-tested him for Batman so that executives at Warner Bros. could see what an amazing actor he was. The director wanted Murphy to play the film’s villain, Scarecrow, but Murphy wasn't exactly a huge movie star. The previous formula for Batman movies was that a big star played the hero's villain, but Nolan wanted to shake things up.

What? Batman villain Hush to have a daughter, and her name is Shush?Bounding into Comics

Is Seth Rogen the biggest producer of indy comic book films?

Story at Polygon

Hong Kong Ani-Con 2023 startsSCMP

Avengers Inc. #1 has a saturday morning cartoon variant cover

Story at Superherohype

Detective Comics #1075 has a Batman split personality cover

Story at MSN Screenrant

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