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June 2023

Rob't Downey Jr might've played Dr Doom instead of Iron ManSuperherohype

Image now has exclusive deal with Lunar DistributionComicbook

Rewriting Harley Quinn's originScreenrant MSN

Bartertown is closed! Tina Turner has diedLA Times MSN

Final The Flash preview Trailer

Online political comic site The Nib is winding down and its print magazine will be the final issueThe Nib

"Celebrity lineup" for 2023 NY ComiconTime Out

Emma Stone says no thanks to role in Fantastic Four filmYahoo

After four decades, Rom the Space Knight is coming back from MarvelGames Radar

Kamala Khan killed?Daily Dot

Characterizing Kamala’s death as sexist, racist, and exploitative, detractors pointed the finger at Amazing Spider-Man writer Zeb Wells (who had already attracted accusations of sexist storytelling in earlier comics) and Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski (a divisive figure due to his history of adopting a fake Japanese persona). Some also expressed concern about Zeb Wells’ role as co-writer of The Marvels, the upcoming Captain Marvel movie featuring Kamala Khan.

"Marvel leaked the pages chance this is a cash grab..." - Comics By Perch You Tube

Classic Comics Press has its back catalogue at discountDownthetubes

Bradley Cooper as Luthor for Superman Legacy?Bounding into Comics

What are the most valuable franchises?247 Wall St

Long list of fifty film franchises: Bond, Jason Borne, Home Alone, Beverly Hills Cop, Superman, Batman, etc

Tintin art by Hergé going on auction

Story at Downthetubes

Auction at Hawley's Auctions

No this isn't the art:

Tintin and Snowy

Marvel Comics and LSDYahoo

Of course they are: The new SHIELD is evilGamesradar

CW cancels Arrowverse Justice U, and live action Powder Puff GirlsEconomic Times

Archie character Danni Malloy gets transgenderedUK Daily Mail

Indiana Jones .... "a meandering yawn"UK Times [Paywall]

The good news is that it’s not as poor as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The bad news is that it’s not much better. A meandering, frequently enervating yawn, this fifth and most expensive Indy outing yet (about $300 million) is a curious demonstration of how a Hollywood studio can fire nearly a third of a billion bucks at late 20th century nostalgia and get it so wrong.

The qualities of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will be evident when it releases on June 30, 2023, but the reflexive kick at Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull isn't reflected in the box office record, in 2008 it was the number three domestic earner, so its safe to say plenty of people in the USA liked the movie:

  1. The Dark Knight – $530,924,926
  2. Iron Man – $318,313,199
  3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – $317,101,119

And then when you look at the international numbers for 2008,only Bruce Wayne came out ahead in box office moola:

  1. The Dark Knight – $997,000,000
  2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – $790,653,942
  3. Kung Fu Panda – $631,744,560
  4. Hancock – $629,443,428
  5. Mamma Mia! – $609,841,637
  6. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – $603,900,354
  7. Quantum of Solace– $589,580,482
  8. Iron Man – $585,796,247
  9. WALL-E – $521,311,860
  10. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – $419,665,568

The Polecat

Page 1 of a 2 page preview

Captain America 4 filming underwayYahoo News [English]

Captain America: New World Order is set for release on May 3, 2024.

Breakdown of the Aug 2023 Marvel titles comingComicsbeat

Comics releasing this weekFresh Comics US

"Like living inside a comic book" house for saleSacramento Bee - the property listing at Zillow

Doesn't look like a comic book art display to me, more of a pop-art approach derived from comics, but even then its not remotely the equivalent of a Roy Lichtenstein comic book derived artwork.

Doctor Strange actor Chiwetel Ejiofor to join Tom Hardy for Venom IIIClutch Point MSN

Wonder Woman needs a daughter and DC Comics is going to give her one named TrinityEW Weekly MSN

Conan TV show out: Conan movie (maybe) inBoundingintocomics

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